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Silverstone joins leading UK sports organizations and venues in writing to government in support of vaccine passport review

Silverstone: “While we hope there will be no restrictions on participation in our events this summer, we have, along with other major sports venues, informed the government that we are in favor of a review of the COVID certification ”

Last updated: 09/04/21 18:15 pm

Silverstone has joined other UK sports bodies and organizations in writing to Boris Johnson to support a review of Covid certificates as an option to help large events such as the UK GP run with capacity crowds this summer.

As Silverstone boss Stuart Pringle revealed to Sky Sports in February, the motorsport site has been in discussions with other sports organizations and the government to explore options for attending major events later this year. and supports the concept of the “ vaccination passport ”.

Silverstone is one of 10 signatories to a letter to the government from leading sports organizations asking “for certainty as soon as possible” on when supporters can return to stadiums at full capacity.

“Looking ahead to June 21, we support the government’s ambition to ensure the full return of fans, without restrictions if possible. Of necessity, it will depend on whether the government accepts that it is prudent to reduce or reduce. drop social distancing requirements, ”the letter said.

“How to do this is being examined by the Events Research Program (ERP), which examines a range of options, including the extent to which social distancing can be relaxed. This work is supported by all major sports organizations.

“All of our sports are committed to working closely with the ERP to explore all options that will allow us to quickly return to their full capabilities. We also understand that additional guidance will be issued by the Department of Digital, Culture , media and sports, and the Sports Field Safety Authority.

“It is important that we have certainty as soon as possible on what form this direction will take so that we can plan effectively and efficiently with many major sporting events scheduled for the end of June and beyond.

“The return of the fans will give a huge boost to millions of people who enjoy a day at a sporting event with their friends and family and will be of great benefit to the economy. It is just that all possible actions are considered to secure this outcome as soon as possible, as far as possible, but only as long as an unrestricted return is considered dangerous to fans, match day staff and the general public.

“This includes studying how a Covid certification deal could reduce and then safely remove the social distancing requirement. There are many issues that need to be addressed, including how the technology works and how easy it is to use when major events, both for the participants and for the organizers. “

The statement added that “the final approach must not be discriminatory, must protect privacy and have clear exit criteria.”

This year’s British GP is July 16-18

In a separate tweet Friday, Silverstone said: “While we hope there will be no restrictions on participation in our events this summer, we, along with other major sporting venues, have informed the government that we support a COVID certification exam.

“We want to reassure fans that this is part of our contingency planning and we remain committed to hosting events this summer with as many spectators and as few restrictions as possible.

Silverstone hosted two behind-the-scenes Grand Prix last summer. The British GP drew a crowd of 141,000 on race day when fans were last able to attend in 2019.


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