Silent Hill 2 Remake’s Character Models Have Fans Divided

It seems like every time Konami introduces the next Silent Hill 2 redo, something is wrong with the fans. It all started with the announcement of the game during its reveal. Layers of Fear And The way developer Bloober Team is reportedly leading the reimaging of the flagship survival horror title, which has failed to inspire confidence in many fans. Now, after new footage was shown during the latest PlayStation showcase, State of playfans are upset again – this time it’s about the character models, which may or may not butcher the original designs, depending on who you ask.

During the silent Hill Transmission, the short showcase that immediately followed State of Play on May 30, Konami gave us a glimpse of the remake’s 13 minutes of gameplay. In it (and in the State of Play trailer), we see protagonist James and supporting characters Maria and Angela. Let’s start with James, because he is our leader. Those who are fans of the redesign point out that it looks significantly better than when it was first shown during the remake’s reveal.

Those in the dissident camp point out, however, that James’ new design looks a little familiar: it has a Leon Kennedy vibe for him, right down to the plunging blonde haircut that seems just a little off from the original game.

Then there’s Maria, a character James comes across throughout the game who is known for her self-confidence and overt sexuality. Fans criticize her new outfit, which is decidedly more demure (and less fashionable, TBH).

As people familiar with the original game have pointed out, Maria’s costume design is extremely important to her character as well as some of the game’s most important narrative beats. What’s disappointing is that Bloober doesn’t seem not trying to recreate the outfit’s iconic details in a modern way, losing the leopard print and gold jewelry in favor of a bland black dress and a jacket that appears to be the same pinkish color. of the original outfit. As many have said, she’s just not in the remake and that seems like a misstep. What’s even more confusing is that the brief overview Return to Silent Hilla film adaptation of the second game also in production, showed that Maria will wear his original outfit.

But the biggest reaction regarding the images of the Silent Hill 2 The remake centers on Angela, a 19-year-old girl who also crosses paths with James in Silent Hill as they both search for their missing loved ones. Some players suggest that she looks strange and oddly different, and that her face has lost something difficult to place that was present in the original game. But the outcry is mainly focused on a few screenshots that show Angela from an unflattering angle.

Of course, there are a minority of people who suggest that Angela was ruined by a forced waking life. DEI (or diversity, equity and inclusion, the latest buzzword among the reactionaries). This is an unfounded statement it’s too common in video games these days and removes any chance for true fans of the series to discuss the merits and demerits of the remake.

Although the remake slightly changes her design with an updated face model, Angela seems to be the character who receives the least amount of touch-ups. Her outfit and hairstyle remain remarkably unchanged, unlike Maria and James. This looks good outside of the choice screenshots people are circulating online. Yet some argue that slight modifications to a 19-year-old video game character constitute a major offense, while throwing horrible insults while they’re at it.

The redesigns look good! I think Maria’s is the most disappointing due to the previously stated outfit change, but none of that is indicative of the gameplay. We will have to wait until Silent Hill 2 the remake will be released on October 8th to really find out how Bloober Team’s vision holds up to the original.


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