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Shop the trend: the most voluminous and colorful summer dresses

It is not uncommon to see voluminous dresses in bright colors on the red carpet. Even in the more limited version of awards season this year, we’ve seen dramatic looks from Amanda Seyfried, Cynthia Erivo, Halle Berry and more.

But voluminous silhouettes and bright hues aren’t just for Oscar celebrities or fashion show models. Lately, people have turned up the volume with flamboyant dresses in vibrant colors and patterns in their everyday wardrobe.

Meanwhile, Brazilian brand Farm Rio is quickly becoming a favorite among influencers, fashion writers and everyday shoppers. Tropical prints and puffed sleeves are fully on display in Farm Rio’s bold dresses that instantly make you want to sip fruity cocktails on a gorgeous beach.

Maybe that’s precisely why people are turning to these big, shiny looks: We all dream of a vacation after being locked up for so long. Or maybe we’re just looking to be a bit older and make a statement with our wardrobes after wearing mostly sweatpants for over a year.

On the other hand, maybe the oversized 1980s style is just making a comeback. In the final season of “The Crown”, we remembered Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress with its massive skirt and trendy sleeves. Give this ivory look a hot pink twist and you’ve basically got today’s flamboyant sartorial trend.

If you’re looking to show off a vibrant and voluminous dress this summer, we’ve rounded up a few fun options below.

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