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Shop the trend: lightweight quilted jackets for the transition time

Fall fashion tends to conjure up images of flannel, comfy sweaters and cardigans. But there’s another fall staple that we especially love: the quilted jacket.

Lightweight quilted jackets offer a nice alternative to the heavy wools and chunky parkas that dominate the winter season. When it’s cold but not freezing, you can just layer one of these clothes in a solid or printed variety and once the freezing temperatures roll in you can tuck it in as a layer under larger coats.

As with many classic trends, members of the British Royal Family have shown a penchant for quilted jackets over the years, including Queen Elizabeth herself.

Quilting refers to the process of sewing several layers of fabric together, and the word comes from the Latin “culcita,” which means cushion or mattress. The earliest evidence of quilted clothing dates back to ancient Egypt, and medieval men often wore quilted jackets known as gambesons under their chain mail.

Over time, quilting has become an even more popular style for men and women in Europe with quilted petticoats, vests, skirts and more. Quilted silk bed jackets were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, but not for wearing outside the home.

Many credit US Air Force Col. Steve Gulyas for developing the look of outerwear we associate with this garment today. After moving to the UK, he started the Husky clothing brand in the 1960s. The waterproof quilted vests – and eventually jackets – that he sold quickly became popular clothing for hunting, fishing, shooting. , horse riding and other sporting activities.

These days, the quilted jacket is a standard fall style, perfect for those chilly fall days that don’t yet call for bundling up.

When it comes to choosing one of these jackets, you can go for an onion quilt pattern (which as the name suggests looks like an onion) or a more standard diamond quilted look. or in a rectangle.

On the style side, quilted jackets lend themselves to casual outfits like jeans or leggings with T-shirts. But don’t be afraid to give your outfit a higher vibe by tossing it over a soft sweater and a skirt or pants.

Some streetwear influencers have also gotten into the habit of wearing matching sets of quilted jackets and skirts or full quilted outfits – which of course can play into the monochrome trend of late.

Whatever style your jacket has, just make sure it keeps you warm and gives you the confidence to strut around in style with your pumpkin or apple spice drink of your choice.


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