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Shop Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume Must-Haves on Amazon

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As the reigning queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum knows a thing or two about creating a spooky costume.

The model is famous for transforming herself every year, with unforgettable looks ranging from an old woman to Jessica Rabbit to a wriggling worm.

But even though the star uses a lot of prosthetics and makeup to create her famous costumes, not all of her Halloween essentials cost a lot of money; she took to Amazon Live last week to share her must-haves for this strange holiday, which include several finds under $50.

In fact, the model says she DIYed her costumes for “the first six or seven years” of her signature Halloween parties.

“I always did my own hair and makeup,” she said during the livestream. “So when you see all these crazy looks that I had – for example, when I was Adam’s apple and Eve…. or when I was an alien and needed all the gold.

“I had to convince everyone around me that this worm idea might be a good idea. But also, you always have to see when everything is going well,” she said during the livestream. “It’s the same with my Halloween costume this year!”
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However, one thing shoppers can’t find on Amazon? The secret to Klum’s outfit this year. “I’ve racked my brain so hard to come up with something good again, and I feel like I’ve done it, but you decide when you see it on the 31st,” she said.

While we wait to see what costume the model has come up with for 2023, read on to shop some of her favorites on Amazon.

Face painting

Looking to achieve Klum-level Halloween makeup, sans prosthetics? “This little box is also so amazing because it has all the little colors you need,” the star said.

Fake blood

For a bolder Halloween look, this fake blood is one of the “Making the Cut” co-host’s must-haves.

“You need blood, because it has to be bloody…you can squirt it out of your mouth,” she suggested. “Don’t worry if you can’t get it exactly.”

A doorbell with a green eye and a spider on it

Open the doors to new decorating possibilities with home decor like this light-up doorbell, which Klum called “one of her new favorites.”

Fake spider webs

Buy fake spider webs on the web? Klum’s online shopping favorites include this purchase from Amazon.

“These little things go so far… I buy so many,” she raves about this seasonal must-have, a “key” decoration that she puts “all around” inside and outside his house.

Two skeletons

Without a doubt, Klum loves seasonal decor, including these skeletons. “The nice thing about them is they move, so that’s why I put them in the mix,” she said.

A NEST orange candle

Thanks to their “yum yum” smell, Klum doesn’t reserve these pumpkin chai candles for Halloween. She told Amazon she keeps one in her bedroom “all year round” because it’s her “absolute favorite.”

A pumpkin carving set

“I love carving (pumpkins), but I also love dazzling them from the outside,” said Klum, who sang the praises of this carving kit that included “little stencils.”

Cauldron-shaped serving bowls

Another Halloween party idea Klum is planning? A serving cauldron so that “when your friends come to your house” you can “have small offerings for everyone”.

A skull-shaped cake mold
Nordic items

Klum isn’t the only one using this skull-shaped baking dish, as it’s backed by over 7,500 largely glowing customer reviews.

Pumpkin slippers

If you’re looking for a treat (not a trick), cozy up in this pair of Halloween-inspired plush slippers from Klum’s livestream.

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