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Sheriff’s deputy bragged about beating black man, said it was ‘sweet stress relief’, says federal government

FBI Investigation into Violent Extremist Group Leads to Discovery of Former Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Who Bragged About Beating Black Man, Fantasized About Murdering Liberal Politicians, And Had A Weapon “Cache” illegal fire, prosecutors said.

Cody Richard Griggers, 28, of Montrose, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of possession of an unregistered firearm and faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 250,000, according to a statement of the US attorney’s office in the middle. District of Georgia.

FBI agents investigating a man in San Diego, Calif., Who made “violent political statements on social media,” said they discovered Griggers texts during a panel discussion titled “Shadow Moses” or ” Shadmo, ”which dealt with militia-style readiness, including lengthy discussions of weapons, combat gear and survival skills. The deputy to the former Wilkinson County Sheriff said in the texts that he “made and bought illegal firearms, explosives and suppressants,” the statement said.

According to a criminal complaint filed in November last year, “Griggers also expressed views consistent with racially motivated white violent extremists, including the use of racial slurs, slurs against gay men and frequent positive references to the Nazi holocaust. “

He said he worked at the local jail and on one occasion in 2019 wrote that he “wrapped himself in my AR and forgot to tell you that I had beaten the s — out Of an inmate, replacing it with a racial epithet. “F —– tried to steal a 33rd glock mag from the local gun store,” the criminal complaint reads.

Griggers reportedly described the beating as “mild stress relief.”

“It’s a sign of great things to come. I will also accuse them of all the crimes that I can to prevent them from voting, ”he continued, according to the complaint.

The Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office declined to discuss the allegations against Griggers.

“The sheriff does not wish to make a statement,” the agency said Friday in a statement to NBC News.

Griggers also offered members of “Shadmo” prescription drugs he said he obtained and ammunition reserved for law enforcement, according to the complaint.

He allegedly bragged about recruiting people into “Shadmo” and instructing its members on how to make explosives, suppressors, automatic triggers and automatic weapons.

Authorities said Griggers then discussed his desire to steal items from the sheriff’s department. “Also I want to get LE (law enforcement) only stuff like flashbands and entrance fees and say I used them in practice when I pocketed them,” Griggers wrote, according to the criminal complaint. .

In response, the California suspect wrote, “Yeah, I’ll pay a lot of money for a bang an boom … I’m ready to terrorize the,” according to the complaint.

During a series of posts in which members of the group discussed a potential civil war and the murder of liberal politicians, Griggers wrote: “Yet if they are famous liberals they cannot die of death. ‘a shot without really becoming a martyr. “” says the complaint.

Griggers reportedly went on to say that the plan would be the best if the people of color were blamed for the attack and if it was done with a machete so that “they couldn’t go down the gun road.”

In November last year, officers searched Griggers’ home and the vehicle issued by the Sheriff’s Department with a warrant and found 11 illegal firearms, including a machine gun with an erased serial number in his car. squad and a long-barreled shotgun runs into his house.

“The machine gun was not issued to the accused, and he was not allowed to have the gun in his police car,” the US prosecutor’s office said.

“This former law enforcement officer knew he was breaking the law when he chose to own a cache of unregistered weapons, mufflers and a machine gun, keeping many of them in his vehicle. on duty. In addition to his violent, racially motivated statements, the accused has permanently lost the privilege of wearing blue, ”said Interim US Attorney Peter D. Leary.

Griggers is set to be sentenced on July 6. He was detained during his preliminary hearing and remains in detention, according to the Justice Ministry.

His lawyer could not be reached for comment on Friday.

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