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Sheriff gives new details on the mass SC fire that killed 6. “We don’t know why.

A former NFL player fired as many as 20 shots on Wednesday when he killed five people and injured a sixth after breaking into a neighbor’s house. Then he committed suicide, the York County Sheriff said.

Philip Adams, 32, broke into Dr Robert Lesslie’s home after shooting two air conditioners outside the house, York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said. Inside the house, Adams then shot Lesslie, 70, Lesslie’s wife Barbara, 69, and two of their grandchildren Adah and Noah aged 9 and 5.

James Lewis, 38, an air conditioning technician was also killed.

Robert Shook, another age-unreleased technician, was injured and remains in serious condition, Tolson and other law enforcement sources say

After shooting at all six victims, Adams then proceeded to his family’s home across the street where he committed suicide after the house was surrounded by police, Tolson said.

What happened?

The motive for the shooting remains unclear, Tolson said. Some media reports and information from friends said Adams, a neighbor, had been a patient of Dr Lesslie, but Tolson said his detectives had not confirmed this.

“We don’t yet know why this happened,” Tolson said at a press conference Thursday of the mass shooting that gained national attention.

A 911 call from the heating and air company and then a 911 call from a landscaper alerted police to the shootings, Tolson said.

The landscaper said four people were shot and the landscaper saw Adams come out of the house after hearing the shots.

“There are two workers outside,” said the landscaper when calling 911. “And four knocks inside.

The landscaper’s 911 call said as many as 20 shots were fired at the six victims, according to the call released at the press conference.

Adams used two handguns, a 9mm caliber and a .45 caliber, in the shooting, Tolson said.

“We can say right now that there have been several shots,” Tolson said.

The deputies arrived at the scene and found the five dead victims and the sixth who had been injured. All four of the Lesslie family were found shot dead in a back bedroom, Tolson said. An HVAC technician had died in the driveway near his van and the second injured HVAC technician was alive after being shot near a van and called his office to say he was shot.

“I was shot, please call 911!” the HVAC technician from Gaston County, North Carolina, told people in his office.

Shortly after police arrived at the filming scene, police knew Adams was the suspect due to the evidence Adams had left behind. Tolson declined to say what this evidence was.

At the nearby Adams family home, MPs removed Adams’ parents from the house while Adams was inside, Tolson said. Adams’ parents weren’t aware of what had happened, Tolson said.

Negotiators from the sheriff’s office then attempted to reach Adams inside the house, but he did not respond, Tolson said.

MPs then entered the house and found Adams dead from what police and the coroner say was a self-inflicted gunshot.

Tolson read a statement from the Lesslie family at the press conference. In this statement, the family said: “our hearts are turned to forgiveness and peace”.

Tolson said Dr. Lesslie was a “pillar in this community”.

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York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said at a press conference

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