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She went wild naked in a Florida Outback, and video shows destruction

A naked Florida woman has gone mad, destroying a Florida restaurant earlier this month. And everything was filmed.

According to a police report from the Ocala Police Department, the suspect, later identified as TIna Kindred, 53, was arrested after causing thousands of dollars in damages in an Outback in Ocala on June 1. Before the steakhouse frenzy, the Florida woman also wreaked havoc at a nearby restaurant called Mojo Grill, slamming windows and knocking tables over, according to the complaint.


The officer said he arrived in the Outback parking lot around lunchtime where several patrons told him that a woman was inside “breaking everything in the bar.”

Upon entering, the officer saw glass and liquid all over the bar where a “very agitated” naked woman had bottles of alcohol in her hands.

After the officer identified himself, the accused began to utter “inconsistent words” and toss bottles of alcohol at him. After a bottle hit him in the forearm, covering him with alcohol, the officer deployed his Taser twice.

Kindred was handcuffed and taken to a nearby health center where THC was found in her system. Kindred was then taken to the Marion County Jail, charged with aggravated assault and criminal mischief, and held on $ 12,000 bond.

The exact dollar amount of what was destroyed at the two restaurants was not yet known, but is expected to run into “thousands of dollars,” Ocala police said.

After reading her rights, Kindred told investigators she first went to the Mojo Girll because the owner “isn’t being honest.” It’s unclear what beef the suspect had with Outback or why she took her clothes off.

A court date is set for July 6, according to Marion County court records.

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