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She found a creative outlet at her makeup table


NORTH TONAWANDA, NY (WKBW-TV) – Actress, makeup artist and high school teacher Diane Di Bernardo was looking for a creative outlet when COVID shut things down. She says “A musician can take his instrument, most artists have a canvas, I looked in the mirror and said see what you can do.”

Diane sat down at her make-up table and began to make faces. Using her skills as a professional makeup artist, she was able to make herself look like a host of stars including Dolly Parton, Phyllis Diller, Joan Crawford and many more.

Diane puts on makeup, takes a picture and posts it on Instagram. The feedback has all been positive. She says “I think the ones where you get feedback that people are laughing at feels good.”

Now that theaters have reopened, she plans to return to the stage soon, but will continue to create characters for Instagram. She says she has some great ideas for the characters on the way “I’m going to be 80 and do my makeup … create a character.”

You can follow Diane Di Bernardo on Instagram.