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Shawn Mendes gives his shocking take on Taylor Swift’s BF Joe Alwyn


Shawn mendes maybe ask Taylor Swift for “Mercy” after this one, but maybe she’s just going to “Shake It Off”.

Shawn sat down for a lie detector test with Vanity Fair in a video posted on Monday, September 20 and revealed his true thoughts on John mayer, Harry Styles, Justin bieber and, yes, Taylor’s boyfriend Joe alwyn.

The interviewer first asked if Shawn still kept in touch with the always singer after touring with her in 2015. He said he texted Taylor about a month ago, noting, “I always ask her for advice on music.”

Still, he hadn’t had such kind words to say about his partner in five years. When asked if he “approves” of Taylor’s boyfriend, Shawn replied, “I’ve never personally met Joe, but he looks like a lovely guy.”

However, he was brutally called out, with the lie detector operator saying, “You are not telling the truth. You are deceiving.”