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Shameless’s Emma Kenney Says She Had ‘Bad Days’ With Emmy Rossum


Emma Kenney doesn’t hold back in a recent interview with Call her daddy.

The Shameless The star has shared many interesting stories from her days on the show, recalling how she stole toilet paper from trailers and had her first kiss on camera. But that’s his experience working with Emmy rossum which caught the attention of listeners.

According to Emma, ​​the The Phantom of the Opera The actress who played her sister was like a real sister, “for good and bad”.

“I was obviously a lot younger,” she explained. “There were times she tried to be a good influence and then there were times she openly gave me bad… not the best advice.”

Emma did not give details of what the actress, who is 13 years her senior, told her, simply saying, “Maybe she was struggling with her own inner issues and lashing out at others. . ”