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Seth Meyers dismantles Brian Kilmeade’s bizarre COVID-19 vaccine on Fox News

The Fox News host said he had been vaccinated against the coronavirus, as were his colleagues, but: “If you haven’t been vaccinated, it’s your choice.”

“If you want to go cliff diving this weekend, you don’t need to check with me. It sounds a bit dangerous. But I’m not going to judge you, ”Kilmeade said.

Co-host Peter Doocy responded by strongly urging viewers to get vaccinated, noting that 99% of people currently dying from COVID-19 were not vaccinated.

“It’s their choice,” Kilmeade interjected.

Doocy added that the Biden administration’s plans to reintroduce mask warrants in some areas were an attempt to protect the unvaccinated.

“It’s not their job,” Kilmeade insisted. “It’s not their job to protect anyone.”

“Yeah, if the government was supposed to protect you, it would have a department for that, like the Department of Defense for something,” Meyers said on “Late Night.”

“To address your analogy with cliff diving … Unlike COVID, cliff diving is not contagious. And if it was contagious, I would never leave home,” Meyers added.

Fox News has faced a storm of criticism for its contribution to vaccine reluctance as vaccination rates lag and the number of COVID-19 cases skyrocket in the United States due to the highly contagious delta variant. Health experts have advised everyone – even those who have been vaccinated to wear a mask, especially in indoor public spaces, to protect themselves and others as the new variant takes hold.

Watch the rest of Meyers’ commentary below:


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