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Seth MacFarlane rips Fox on Tucker Carlson, wants “Family Guy” on “any other network”

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane has had enough of Fox about the disinformation aired on Fox News and wants his iconic TV series to be shown elsewhere.

MacFarlane, whose show airs on the Fox TV network – which is part of the same family of companies that Fox News called the company about one of its hosts, Tucker Carlson, who played a role major in the dissemination of conspiracy theories on the coronavirus and COVID. Vaccine -19 as well as the insurrection of January 6:

“Family Guy” has aired on Fox for all 19 seasons of the series’ history and will last for at least one more. MacFarlane’s crack about NBC referred to a $ 200 million deal with rival network he struck last year.

As Deadline reported, MacFarlane has previously shared his discomfort with the studio’s corporate relationship with Fox News. Last year he spoke about host Laura Ingraham.

“I really can’t imagine that we were producing content for the same company,” he wrote at the time.

In recent years, Carlson’s show has featured increasingly extremist rhetoric. In addition to disseminating conspiracy theories about the January 6 insurgency, the coronavirus pandemic, and COVID-19 vaccines, he has also spoken out against immigrants, and he and his guests have aired white nationalist talking points. .


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