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Seth MacFarlane hits back at Fox News vaccine misinformation with “Family Guy” PSA


Stewie helps Brian understand the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in a new “Family Guy” PSA.

And the short is a direct response to the misinformation sown about Fox News’ plans, animated show creator Seth MacFarlane told late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel on Monday.

Kimmel noted how MacFarlane had once been “very critical” of “your own employer because the Fox Network (on which ‘Family Guy’ airs) is also the parent company of Fox News.”

“And I take it you’re not a Tucker guy?” Kimmel added, referring to prime-time Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, a conspiratorial-eater and avowed liar.

“No. You know, that’s why we made this ‘Family Guy’ public service announcement on immunization,” MacFarlane replied.

“Because I looked around and saw everyone at Fox Corp doing their part to spread the word about good science and be responsible for their platforms,” ​​he snapped. “And looking at the barrel of that kind of peer pressure, I said, ‘Damn, we’ve got to do something too. “”

MacFarlane then shared the public service announcement, the second from the animated vaccine show, which also included a joke on this widely mocked ‘Imagine’ video of the start of the pandemic starring Gal Gadot.

As to why MacFarlane was allowed to publish the PSA, he said:

You see on the news side, they are obviously in their imaginary fairyland. And then you have the entertainment side of it which is like, we have to exist with these people, let’s be political and make the most of that.

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