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Senator Marsha Blackburn mocks for criticizing funding for elderly care

The opposition of the Republican Party to the infrastructure plan proposed by President Joe Biden is pushing GOP politicians to take bizarre positions in an attempt to make the libs their own.

Case in point: Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, who took to Twitter on Wednesday to complain about various parts of the plan.

Considering Blackburn is a conservative, it’s no surprise that she opposed the funding climate change studies and green transport initiatives, but she shocked many by revealing that she also struggles to help the country’s older citizens, many of whom vote Republican.

Politics 101 is lip service to help older Americans, so understandably many Twitter users were shocked by the tweet, which was quickly inundated with negative comments.

The Democratic National Committee was quick to point out what Blackburn was saying.

Others crowded in with mockery.

Blackburn’s tweet was so out of touch that some people suspected she was secretly in cahoots with the White House.

However, one person gave advice to Blackburn and his fellow Republicans.


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