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See the revealing Hulu’s Dopesick trailer

Michael keaton is ready to shine the spotlight on the grim history of the origin of the opioid crisis in the United States.

We are of course referring to the Oscar nominated actor’s new drama for Hulu, Sick, which examines how the country’s worst drug epidemic came about. Inspired by Beth macy‘s New York Times A bestseller, the highly anticipated series follows the introduction of Oxycontin as a less addictive alternative for the treatment of pain, and the effects this false promise has had on a mining community, Big Pharma and the DEA.

“I know most people don’t think of us up there in the mountains,” Dr Samuel Finnix (Keaton) said at the start of the new trailer, released on September 15. “Many of my patients are minors. It is dangerous work, and they carry the burden of building this nation on their backs. They are suffering.”

As the footage shows Dr Finnix treating members of his small town community, he adds, “My people trusted me. I can’t believe how many of them are dead now.”