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See the early birthday present Khloe Kardashian got from Suzanne Somers

A surprise from Suzanne somers.

Tuesday, June 15, Khloe kardashian took to her Instagram story to share the unexpected gift she received from the Company of Three fitness guru turned star. In the video, the maid American tycoon, who turns 37 on June 27, showed off her new ThighMaster, signed and donated by Suzanne herself.

“Guys, my birthday came earlier this year because look at what I got,” Khloe said on social media. “I have a fucking ThighMaster signed by Suzanne Somers! And it says ‘To Khloe, come knock on my door’!”

As she continued to show off her giveaway, Khloe explained that the giveaway meant so much since she’s a huge fan of Suzanne Somers. “I don’t think you understand, I could never use this,” she shared. “Because I need to put this in a fucking plexiglass box. I can’t believe it.”

Khloe couldn’t help but fangirl the 74-year-old actress, hailing her as a “queen” and calling her “incredible.” She then joked that she might agree to Suzanne come knocking on the door.

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