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See Justin Timberlake reject Lance Bass’s FaceTime call in TikTok Prank

Justin timberlake doesn’t really mean to make it difficult, but he just means Bass Lance that he’s had enough.

On Wednesday, July 21, Lance shared a video on TikTok in which he attempted to shoot a rapid on his mate. NSYNC members by performing the popular “I’m Too Busy” farce. This prank, which has taken to social media this year, involves someone who uses FaceTiming, but immediately says they’re too busy to talk and hangs up.

While Lance, 42, managed to cheat Joey fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick With that stunt, it was Justin who apparently had the last laugh, as the 40-year-old “SexyBack” singer rejected Lance’s FaceTime call.

“They just won’t leave me alone! Don’t they know how busy I am ?? Damn,” Lance captioned his video.

In the hashtags he referred to Justin who closed it by writing “DidYouJustDenyMe ??” as well as other messages such as “BoyBandWars” and “TooBusy”.

Many TikTok users pointed out Justin’s power in the comments, and Lance took the time to respond to a number of them.

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