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See Jeff Bezos launch into space

Jeff Bezos perhaps the richest man in the world, but he takes his status beyond this planet, at least temporarily.

The world’s first 100 billionaire has officially joined colleagues as a billionaire Richard branson and flew into the sky in his spaceship, the New Shepard on Tuesday, July 20. The official prototype of the rocket launching the former CEO of Amazon into the atmosphere is courtesy of Blue Origin, the space company founded by Jeff in 2000. Since its inception, Blue Origin has experienced 15 successful test flights, but without anyone.

And now Jeff and his team have defied the odds and this trip will mark the company’s first success with a team on board.

Jeff’s brother is accompanied on the astronomical ride Marc Bezos, aerospace pioneer Wally funk and Olivier Daemen. Interestingly enough, the story runs on both sides of the spectrum: at 82, Wally is the oldest person to ever go to space, and at just 18, Oliver is officially the youngest.

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