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See Addison Rae’s acting debut in He’s All That Trailer

It’s time to see this TikTok Girl in action on the big screen.

Netflix released its first trailer for He is all that, a reverse genre remake of the 1999 teen movie She is all that with viral sensation Addison rae.

Addison, 20, plays Padgett Sawyer, a popular influencer from her high school who surprises her boyfriend Jordan Van Draanen (Peyton meyer) cheat on her. His friend, Alden (Madison Petis) suggests that she get revenge on Jordan by improving another boy in school by transforming him. Padgett then promises that she will make “the next prom king” through a transformation.

His friends pick the lucky guy, and they land on Cameron Kweller, (Tanner Buchanan), “a total disaster”, which Padgett says is “bizarre” and “antisocial”. But of course Padgett works his magic and in any true rom-com mode the two seem to fall in love with each other (with bumps along the way).

It’s not only Addison’s first movie, but he’s also his older and wiser friend. Kourtney kardashianThis is the first time on the big screen.

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