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See a blind bride search for her dream dress on Say yes to the dress

A surreal moment that changes life.

In a truly touching clip of Say yes to the dress, aired on July 24, a bride details the tragic accident that left her blind ten years ago.

“In fact, on March 8, 2011, I was coming home from church with my older sister and we were at a red light and we were hit by someone who was under the influence,” Shaela remember. “All I remember is being in the hospital and feeling like I have a blindfold. I tried so hard to take it off but realized I was blindfolded. I couldn’t. I can’t take the blindfold off. It’s so surreal after 10 years that I just have to remember and accept that this is what happened. ”

The inspiring 26-year-old also feels like she is living in a dream upon entering luxury bridal boutique Kleinfeld. “Being here at Kleinfeld’s, I can’t imagine it,” Shaela exclaims. “It sounds so surreal, just like my blindness is surreal, because I grew up never thinking about what a marriage is, being a bride.”

Kleinfeld’s team has a special guest in store for Shaela: a remote visit with an iconic consultant Randy Fenoli via an iPad. “Hello beauty!” Randy greets Shaela.

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