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Search for missing Pennsylvania woman intensifies two weeks after she went missing after leaving friend’s Philadelphia home

The family and friends of Cassandra “Casey” Johnston, a missing woman from Bucks County, Pa., Have spent every day for the past two weeks roaming the streets of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs for the 26-year-old, saying to Dateline “it’s not like Casey.”

“We’ve been around town, we’ve been around the county and still nothing,” her mother, Carolann Johnston told Dateline. “We just want our daughter to come back.”

Casey, who lives in Bucks County with her boyfriend, has not been seen or heard from since the early morning hours of July 10, 2021.

Her parents, Carolann and Joseph Johsnton, told Dateline that Casey was out for the night in Chinatown in Philadelphia with one of her good friends. As they walked back to the friend’s apartment from the bar in the Vine and Franklin Street neighborhood, Casey dropped his phone.

After a frantic and unsuccessful search for the phone, Casey drove off in his silver 2016 Ford Focus at 5:51 am The car was seen on security video on Franklin Street en route to I-95 at 5:52 am.

She never returned home to Bucks County and no one has seen or heard from her since.

Family and friends immediately started looking for Casey. Her mother traveled to the Jersey Shore, where they have a condo, to see if Casey decided to get away for a few days. Other relatives have walked the route Casey traveled the night she went missing.

The family contacted a city sanitation worker who found the phone the day after Casey was missing and picked up when they called. Her parents said they were able to get into the phone and also gain access to their daughter’s bank account, but could not find any clues to lead them to Casey.

Her parents told Dateline Casey’s empty purse, the sandals she wore that night and a sneakers were all found in her friend’s apartment, but they believe the contents of her purse are mostly found in the backpack she kept in her car, which they said was typical of Casey.

Lower Southampton Township Police Chief Ted Krimmel told Dateline there had been extensive searches for Casey, including scanning the I-95 by helicopter for his vehicle and driving in the streets of Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

Knowing that Casey is a heavy drinker of WAWA coffee, they stopped at every WAWA on I-95 in hopes of finding someone who had seen her or security footage that could place her in a specific location. .

Chief Krimmel added that Casey’s Pennsylvania license plate KSA8807 has not appeared in any database and his E-ZPass has not been used since June.

“We cannot find any trace of her or her vehicle,” Chief Krimmel said. “We are concerned that she has been in an accident and that the car is hidden where we cannot see it. But we don’t know what happened – we’re open to anything and everything at this point. “

He said Casey’s family members, her boyfriend and her friends all cooperated and searched for their loved one.

“A lot of people are looking for her,” said Chief Krimmel. “We just want to fix this problem and bring her home to her family.”

Casey’s family continues to spread the word on social media with a “Bring Casey Home” Facebook page and a GoFundMe page has been launched with the goal of setting up a billboard in the Philadelphia area. Over $ 10,000 had been raised by the campaign as of July 26th. They also hired a private investigator to help with the search.

Casey’s parents told Dateline her disappearance was unlike her at all and that she wouldn’t just leave her family or her job.

Casey, who is a student at Temple University, also works as an after-school / summer program counselor at the Neshaminy Kids Club in Bucks County. Her parents have said that she hopes to someday open her own daycare or school program.

“She has a lot of responsibilities that she doesn’t want to shy away from,” Carolann said. “She loves, loves her job and the children she works with. These children love him and miss him. Now they are asking questions about her and no one knows what to say to them.

When relatives were looking for Casey near the school, some of his former students showed up on their bikes to join the search, saying they wanted to “help find Miss Casey”.

Casey’s father describes his daughter as his sweet, playful, intelligent daughter who loves country music and all the sports teams in Philadelphia.

Casey has tickets to a Luke Bryan concert and is supposed to take her younger sister for her birthday next week.

” It’s my daughter. She’s my prize, ”he said. “We are so worried about her and want to know that she is okay.”

Casey is described as being 5’3 ” tall and weighs around 180 lbs. and has brown hair and green eyes. She was last seen wearing a white top and a leopard print skirt. Its 2016 Ford Focus has Temple University decals on either side of the license plate and white paw print decals on the left rear window.

Anyone with information on Casey’s whereabouts is urged to call the Lower Southampton Township Police Department at 215-357-1234 or Detective Stephen Brookes at 215-357-1235 ext 339 or by email to

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