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Scottish government faces vote of no confidence

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Legend, Humza Yousaf’s ministers would be forced to step down if vote of no confidence passes

The Scottish Government is set to face a vote of no confidence at Holyrood which could see all ministers forced to resign if it passes.

The Labor motion was tabled after Prime Minister Humza Yousaf canceled Bute House’s power-sharing deal with the Greens last week.

The move put pressure on Mr Yousaf who finally announced his decision to resign on Monday.

The vote is unlikely to pass without the support of the Greens, who called for it to be withdrawn after the prime minister confirmed his resignation.

Mr Yousaf is expected to take the floor to defend his government’s record during Wednesday’s debate.

Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar said his party was pressing ahead with its motion despite Mr Yousaf’s resignation because he did not believe the SNP could deliver a “stable and competent government”.

Mr Sarwar told BBC Radio Scotland: “It is of course up to the other political parties to decide how they vote in this motion, but I think the principle still applies in our motion and that is why we are moving forward. ‘Before.”

Labour’s vote of no confidence in the government, as well as a separate Conservative motion of no confidence in the prime minister, was tabled last week as Mr Yousaf’s premiership imploded following to his decision to break a power-sharing agreement with the Scottish Greens.

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Legend, Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar says he does not believe SNP can deliver competent government

The Greens had said they would back the Conservatives’ motion of confidence, potentially leaving the Prime Minister to rely on former SNP minister and Alba’s sole MP, Ash Regan, to avoid defeat in a a vote.

But Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross confirmed on Tuesday that his party had withdrawn the proposal.

“As our work is done regarding Humza Yousaf, we no longer need to continue the debate on our motion of no confidence,” he said.

What is a vote of no confidence?

In general terms, a vote of no confidence is a formal expression by a decision-making body as to the suitability of directors or officers to continue in office.

The Scottish Parliament defines it as a motion which says that some MPs do not have confidence in a government minister, in the First Minister or in all Scottish ministers.

In this case, it is a motion that will declare the SNP government unfit to remain in power.

All Scottish ministers would be forced to step down if the text was passed, with Parliament having 28 days to appoint a new first minister. If he fails to do so, early elections will be called.

Although Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are likely to back the motion, due at around 3pm on Wednesday, it would likely need the support of seven Green MPs to pass.

But Scottish Greens business leader Gillian Mackay urged Mr Sarwar to withdraw the proposed vote.

“Like the Conservatives’ withdrawn motion, Labor’s has clearly been overtaken by events,” she said.

“Pursuing him would serve no purpose and would simply mean more parliamentary games.”

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