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Scotland to kneel alongside England at Euro 2020 meeting at Wembley |  Football news

The Scottish players will kneel alongside their English counterparts in next Friday’s Euro 2020 game at Wembley.

The team rose to their feet for the start of their World Cup qualifying campaign in March after head coach Steve Clarke said the knee gesture had become “a bit watered down”.

However, in light of the public reaction of some over the past 24 hours, the squad will now show solidarity with their opponents England but will continue to show up for the other two group matches, starting with the Czech Republic. Monday.

The decision to run was initially in response to the high-profile incident involving Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara and Czech player Ondrej Kudela on March 18 in Ibrox.

In the aftermath of the incident, Rangers and Celtic players took a stand against racism in the Old Firm game three days later, a move repeated by the Scottish players the following week.

Scotland head coach Steve Clarke and captain Andy Robertson have issued open letters explaining their decision.

“In light of the conflicting and inaccurate comments perpetuated by individuals and groups, whose views we speak out in the strongest terms, we have reflected today as a group,” said Clarke.

“We will continue to take a stand – together, as one – for our games at Hampden Park. For our game at Wembley, we will stand up against racism and kneel against ignorance.”


Kick It Out chief executive Tony Burnett called on fans to stop booing the knee and unite in football’s fight against racism.

Robertson added that the team’s reasoning was to stay focused on making a meaningful change to tackle discrimination in football and society.

“Our position was – and remains – that the focus must be on meaningful change to tackle discrimination in football and in society at large.

“In Scotland the football family has been opposed to racism all season. It was our collective opinion that the national team would do the same.

“Our position is that everyone – players, supporters, teams, clubs, federations, governing bodies and governments must do more. Meaningful actions are needed for meaningful change to occur.

“But it’s also clear, given the events around the England national team, taking the knee in this tournament is important as a symbol of solidarity.”

England players have said they will continue to “kneel” throughout Euro 2020, despite boos from some fans in recent warm-up friendly matches.

Scotland to kneel alongside England at Euro 2020 meeting at Wembley |  Football news


Polling firm YouGov conducted a knee-to-earth study in March this year among 4,500 football fans surveyed in nine countries.

On her knees: poll reveals fan opinion

More football fans in Europe – including England, Scotland and Wales – are supportive of kneeling players than against, but they are divided over the importance of the gesture in the fight against racism, according to a major survey.

Poll company YouGov shared with Sky Sports News the results of a study of 4,500 football fans in nine countries in March of this year, during the football season.

Most nations and groups had more fans supporting the kneeling players, with opposition mostly coming from a vocal minority.

Fans were asked: In some countries, professional footballers and staff have chosen to kneel down at the start of each match to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Would you support or oppose professional players and staff in your country kneeling before every match in this way?

Scotland to kneel alongside England at Euro 2020 meeting at Wembley |  Football news
YouGov survey shows support from fans across Europe for kneeling

In England, According to a survey of 547 football fans, 54% said they supported players and staff getting down on their knees to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Half of those people (27 percent) said they supported it strongly, the other half approved of it somewhat.

Some 39 percent of football fans in England said they objected to players putting down on one knee while seven percent said they didn’t know. Over the past fortnight, England players have been booed by some of their own fans in their last two Euro 2020 warm-up matches at Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough.

In Scotland 49% said they supported players who kneel, with 42% against according to a poll conducted in late February of 352 football fans. In Wales, out of a sample of 308 football fans, 53% said they supported the gesture and 37% opposed it.

Scotland to kneel alongside England at Euro 2020 meeting at Wembley |  Football news
Portugal fans are more likely to think taking a knee is important in fighting racism

Kick It Out signals racism

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Kick It Out is the organization of football for equality and inclusion – working across the football, education and community sectors to fight discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for positive change .

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