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Schools closed, extended restrictions, vaccination: the main points of Emmanuel Macron’s announcements – Coronavirus

Schools closed for three weeks

Nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools will be closed for three weeks and the spring school holidays unified throughout France from April 12 to curb the covid-19 epidemic, Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday. The week of April 5 to 12, “the courses for schools, colleges and high schools will be at home,” said the president, except “for the children of caregivers and some other professions, as well as children in situation handicap ”. It will be followed by two weeks of vacation from April 12, for all zones, before a start on April 26 in physics for schools and distance learning for middle and high schools.

Students who wish will be able to continue during the next month to go to the university “for one day of classes per week”, specified the Head of State. The solution adopted for education is “the most suitable for curbing the virus, while preserving education and therefore the future of our children,” he added.

Restrictions throughout the territory

The restrictions in force since mid-March in 19 departments will be extended to the entire territory for four weeks from Saturday, also announced Emmanuel Macron. These measures, already in place in Ile-de-France and in Hauts-de-France, include the closure of certain shops and the ban on moving more than 10 km, said the head of state.

Travel between regions will be authorized during the Easter weekend, a tolerance before the application of the travel restrictions established for four weeks throughout the territory. “Whoever wishes to change region to go and isolate themselves will be able to do so during this Easter weekend”. “French women and men abroad who want to return to France will also be able to do so at any time,” he said.

Closed businesses

The businesses that are currently closed in 19 departments particularly affected by the third wave of the epidemic will also be in all the others in metropolitan France, said the President of the Republic. “Shops will be closed throughout the metropolitan area according to the list already defined in the 19 departments today concerned,” said Emmanuel Macron in his televised address.

All the support measures for employees and companies currently in force will be extended. “As for a year, economic and social support will be there, parents who will have to look after their children and cannot telework will be entitled to partial unemployment, and for employees and traders, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and companies, all the measures currently in force will be extended ”, detailed the president.

Vaccination is accelerating


Vaccination against covid-19 will be extended to all people over the age of 60 on April 16, then to all those over 50 on May 15, announced Emmanuel Macron. “From April 16, the first meetings will be open for people who are between 60 and 70 years old”, then “from May 15 for our fellow citizens who are between 50 and 60 years old”, declared the head of the state.

All French people under the age of 50 will follow “from mid-June,” he continued, adding that “a specific strategy will also be planned for all the most exposed professions, in particular our teachers, but also our police forces and several others ”. “We will keep the objective that I have set for us”, he insisted, “namely that by the end of the summer, all French people over 18 who wish to be able to be vaccinated” .

The President of the Republic, however, recognized shortcomings in the vaccination of people over 70 years old: “I know that many of our elders have tried to make an appointment to be vaccinated in recent weeks, too often without success and j I am deeply sorry. “” This is not acceptable, “he said, explaining that he” asked the Health Insurance to mobilize teams to remedy it “. “All the over 75s who have not succeeded in obtaining an appointment will be called,” he assured, while “at the same time a special number will be made available to make an appointment. you ”.

Reinforcement for caregivers

Schools closed, extended restrictions, vaccination: the main points of Emmanuel Macron’s announcements – Coronavirus

Emmanuel Macron announced “additional reinforcements” in intensive care to cope with the influx of serious patients with covid-19 and to go “in the coming days” to more than 10,000 beds, against 7,665 currently. “Here I want to thank the medical students, the retirees, the army health service, all the volunteers of the health reserve. All are mobilized, will be mobilized in an increased way to increase in the coming days, our capacity to just over 10,000 beds, ”he said, referring to the opening of new reception capacities in certain Parisian hospitals, in particular to avoid “too much deprogramming” of surgical operations.

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