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School at home: a “computer attack” prevents Breton students from having lessons – Brittany

“A year later, it starts again! As with the first containment put in place to curb the spread of covid-19, homeschooling began on Tuesday April 6 with numerous bugs reported by teachers, parents and students, due to inaccessible digital servers or failing.

The reason ? The site “My class at home” of the Cned would have been the victim of “computer attacks”, “apparently coming from abroad” to “in a way prevent the servers from functioning”, affirmed Jean-Michel Blanquer, the minister. of National Education, during a trip. “Technical work is being done to restore this. Fortunately, this does not affect everyone everywhere. “

Our live on covid-19

Breton students affected

According to our information, the Brittany region would be affected. Like the “My class at home” site, Pronote’s sites and digital work environments (ENT), which depend on local communities, are also difficult to access.

At this time, it is not known whether services can be restored for the afternoon.

A precedent during the first confinement

Homeschooling got off to a bad start last year, with saturated networks and inaccessible workspaces. Difficulties resolved after a few days. Since then, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, assured that everything was “ready” if a new episode of distance school was set up.

The schools have been closed since Friday evening and the spring holidays were unified in France from April 12, before a return to school on April 26 face-to-face in schools and in distance for one more week in colleges and high schools.

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