School administrator says students who don’t support CRT cause ‘trauma’

Maryvale Preparatory Diversity Director Kalea Selmon and Upper School Principal and Deputy Principal Victor Shin told school staff to “accept losing students and families” to diversity agenda and that students who do not conform to the agenda cause “trauma and harm”. ”, according to a video obtained exclusively by Breitbart News.

Both members of Maryvale Preparatory’s leadership team have made a number of troubling statements that suggest they are trying to purge members of the community who don’t follow their diversity agenda. The statements were made at a conference titled “From Pawns to Board Control: Seeing BIPOC Students as Powerful Players in Student Programming.”

A screenshot of the lecture description reads, “Learn about student programs at Maryvale” and “Get strategies for dealing with pushback from the opposition.”

In an excerpt from the lecture, Shin remarks, “Kalea is very lucky, if she asks for it, she’ll probably get it.”

Kalea Selmon added that she’s “not afraid to go over budget”, asking, “What are you going to say? “No, we’re not going to spend this money on these black children? »

“Please fight me. Fight me,” Selmon added. Shin abruptly changed the conversation to just saying “move on”.

Shin goes on to say, “Yeah, we’ve seen pushback,” saying parents ask questions like, “Why are you doing this?” or “And my child?”

“Obviously there is a lack of understanding of white mainstream culture,” Shin continues.

Shin says they received the most rejections on a program called “Courageous Conversations” before claiming that receiving a rejection “means we do the job, it means we defy norms.”

“I love conflict,” Shin said, going on to tell conference attendees, “So people, when they’re having trouble, guess what? I’m going to pick up my phone and we’re going to have a conversation, and I don’t am not shy about it.

“I’m doing this for BIPOC [black and indigenous people of color] students in particular. They had no voice. They have been underserved. They were traumatized,” Shin continues.

A slide from the presentation reads, “Accept losing students and families to these issues,” in reference to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

School administrator says students who don't support CRT cause 'trauma'

Later in the presentation, Shin tells conference attendees that he repeatedly told families that they should consider leaving school if they did not support the Critical Race Theory (CRT) program. .

Shin remarks, “sometimes you have to say, maybe this isn’t the right school for you.” He adds: “I’ve probably said that a lot this year.”

Shin continues “Your mission does not match our mission. So that’s the work we do because that’s the mission we have institutionally, and maybe we’re not the right school for you. It’s good to say it.

The senior school’s principal and vice-principal even insulted students and parents who don’t conform to his critical race theory curriculum, saying, “The trauma and hurt that the family or that student may cause can somehow overcome or repel all of the work.”

“The same goes for faculty and staff,” adds Shin.

Breitbart News contacted representatives of Maryvale Preparatory, asking if they would be prepared to condemn the idea that students and families who disagree with the diversity program cause “trauma and harm.” Breitbart News also asked if they were willing to say that students and parents who disagree with the school’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) program are welcome at Maryvale. .

Maryvale Preparatory did not respond to the survey.

At the very end of the presentation, Selmon describes that they have influence on the board. She tells the audience, “our council is afraid…of being responsible for causing harm.”

She also explains that the board is “very interested in the longevity of the institution”, adding: “We know that the demographics of the country change a lot and that white people will not always be in the majority, right? ??”

She explains that the board is asking, “So how do we strengthen the institution by making it a truly inclusive space that people will want to be a part of?

Meanwhile, a document created by Shin and Selmon for the conference is titled “Centering BIPOC Students in Programming” and asks school administrators a number of questions that can be used to ensure an event fits the bill. diversity, equity and inclusion agenda.

Event planners are asked a number of questions, including “In the past when we’ve had similar events, how has whiteness and white comfort been centered?” and “How will this program help address concerns expressed by students from marginalized identities?”

School administrator says students who don't support CRT cause 'trauma'

Other questions include “Would the support of the allied community help make the event a success?” and “Which marginalized group(s) of students benefit from this program?”

Breitbart News previously hit out at Maryvale’s diversity director Kalea Selmon for advocating for racial segregation, saying non-white students must be shielded from “white eyes.”

Selmon also said, “It’s totally okay to give black and brown students things that you don’t give white kids because white kids are fine.” Videos of Selmon’s statements can be found here. An upcoming event called “Students of Color Friendsgiving” is scheduled to take place in November.

Following the Breitbart News investigation, the administration of Maryvale Preparatory, in particular Patty Brown, the chair of the board, and Tracey Ford, the president, lied to parents, claiming that Maryvale does not teach theory racial criticism. Maryvale is currently looking for a new president to replace Tracey Ford.

Breitbart News investigated parts of the school’s curriculum and professional training. Breitbart News thoroughly documented the aspects of critical race theory that were present in each, showing the presence of racial equity dogma at an institutional rather than an individual level.

The very occasion of this presentation indicates that this diversity program is not limited to Maryvale Preparatory. The talk was given at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) People of Color conference with the goal of integrating critical race theory into private schools across the country.

Maryvale Preparatory School is a member of NAIS. The accrediting body has a history of pushing both critical race theory and “queer-inclusive” transgender ideology on young students, as revealed by Breitbart News.

A secret network of concerned parents, called Undercover Mothers, has formed to combat the indoctrination of students at the hands of the NAIS. The organization describes indoctrination in the private school system as a form of “elite capture”, pointing out that many students attending these prestigious schools will go on to join political administrations or work in the elite levels of business, finance, media and entertainment.

Following the Undercover Mothers revelations, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) has pledged to investigate the NAIS if Republicans regain a majority in Congress. Representative Banks specifically examined the organization’s role in policy advocacy given its 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit.

Spencer Lindquist is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SpencerLndqst and reach out to [email protected].


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