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Schiappa believes that she is “not jury of quotes from greeting cards” – RT in French

Asked about the surprising quote from Trotsky written by the prefect of Paris in his greeting card, Marlène Schiappa felt that she did not have to judge this choice, noting however that the Soviet had written things “very inspiring”.

Asked this December 31st about the quote from Leon Trotsky chosen by Didier Lallement in his greeting card which aroused many reactions, Marlène Schiappa said that she was not intended to issue opinions on “the wishes of one or the other ”, adding however:“ I believe that Trotsky, Lev Davidovich Bronstein of his real name, wrote a lot of things which are very inspiring and thus each one has the right to quote it, to be inspired by it ”.

“I am not jury of greeting card quotes at this stage,” the minister finally declared. “What I can tell you is that there are really police forces who are very mobilized for a New Year’s Eve which is particular in terms of health,” said the Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship.

At least 100,000 police and gendarmes are in fact mobilized last night to avoid overflows in a tense health context.

The quote chosen by Didier Lallement for his wishes had aroused a number of reactions including within the ranks of the political class, the character assassinated in 1940 still arousing a number of contradictory passions.

“A strange conception of the republican order of Prefect Lallement, who quotes in his wishes one of the partisans of the Red Terror and a theoretician of political violence. Should we see there the source of his complacency towards the thugs of the extreme left? ”, For example tweeted Marine Le Pen, this December 31.

“According to my sources, Trotsky would have replied to the prefect of police Lallement:” no sir, we are not in the same camp! “”, For his part quipped the spokesperson of the Troskyist Lutte Ouvrière party, Nathalie Arthaud.

In November 2019, the prefect had indeed hit the headlines by replying in front of the cameras, Place d’Italie in Paris, to a woman the day after act 53 of the yellow vests that she and he were “not in the same camp ”.

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