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Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders argued over ring size for world title fight |  Boxing News

Billy Joe Saunders is mad at the size of the ring for his fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Saunders’ shot against the pound-for-pound king of boxing is Saturday night in Texas, with the WBA, WBC and WBO Super Middleweight Championships on the line.

But a disagreement arose over the dimensions of the ring in which they will meet.

Saunders’ close ally Tyson Fury posted on social media, “I hung up with Billy Joe. Looks like they’re trying a lot of Texas stuff with him.

“I just want to say: you can try all the tricks in the world but you won’t beat Billy Joe.

“Play it honestly, guys. Play it honestly, now.”

Saunders already said Behind the gloves: “You are not going to a place with 70,000 places [venue] and dance in a 16 foot or 18 foot ring, or even a 20 foot ring.

“This scale of a fight must be on an equal footing.

“A suitable legitimate ring, suitable legitimate gloves.”

“I just want a roll of the dice.”


Saunders beat Martin Murray the last time

How Canelo learned from defeat

“I understand that mentality is the most important thing, the state of mind,” he said of his 2013 loss to Floyd Mayweather.

“I also understood that a defeat is no exception to my main goal, which is to become the best fighter in the world.

“Sometimes we think we are ready to do certain things when we are not. It applies professionally in other areas of life and it has happened, but my mind is determined to be the best fighter in the world. It’s still there.

“There will also always be something that will motivate me. Right now I want to win all the titles, but after that there will always be some motivation.

“I love boxing. I love what I do. I always set short term goals for myself and right now I’m fully focused on this one.”

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