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Satirical article says Ted Cruz lost Marriott hotel points after trip to Cancun

The claim: Senator Ted Cruz lost his Marriott Hotel points after traveling to Cancun during the Texas storm

Texas Senator Ted Cruz faced an intense backlash following his family trip to Cancun, as residents of his state battled a deadly winter storm, which escalated further with the loss access to electricity and water for millions of people.

Following the barrage of social media criticism – and calls for the resignation of the Texas Democratic Party – the Republican senator quickly returned to Texas while his wife and children remained in Mexico.

As Cruz went through the public consequences of his trip to Cancun, an article published on Patheos claims that he also lost his Marriott hotel points as a punishment for his trip.

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The article, written by Andrew Hall, claimed that the Marriott hotel company revoked all points of Cruz’s award following his decision to leave Texas as residents of the state suffered during the winter storm.

“Marriott International Inc. announced last night that it has revoked the thousands of Marriott Award points Texas Senator Ted Cruz has accumulated over the years,” the article read. “The sweeping move by the company, which has more than 30 brands, 7,484 properties and more than 1.4 million rooms, is due to Senator Cruz’s takeoff in Mexico as millions of Texans suffer from the effects of the recent winter storm. “

The article is satirical

While the article is compellingly written, it is not a factual report of events. The article is satirical, which Hall writes in a separate article.

“Under normal circumstances, my humble blog is similar to The Onion. As many of you know, The Onion publishes satirical stories poking fun at the everyday problems that everyday people face and emphasizing the hypocrisy of the rich and the powerful, ”he said.

While Cruz certainly faced backlash for his decision, one of the consequences was not the loss of his Marriott points.

Our decision: Satire

The complaint in the message has been filed SATIRE. Patheos’ article is a satirical piece – which the author confirms in another post – and is not a report of factual events.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Fact Check: The Story Claiming Ted Cruz Lost Marriott Points Is Satirical

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