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Sarah Everard murder case: former officer sentenced to life in prison

Former British policeman Wayne Couzens was sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Sarah Everard.

The sentence was pronounced by the judge, Lord Justice Fulford, before the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales in London on September 30. Fulford described the circumstances surrounding Everard’s death as “devastating, tragic and utterly brutal” and said he had seen “no evidence of genuine contrition” on Couzens’ part.

According to the BBC, Everard’s family have said that while “nothing can bring Sarah back … knowing that he will be imprisoned forever brings some relief.”

“Sarah lost her life needlessly and cruelly and all the years of life she had not yet enjoyed were stolen from her,” they continued, according to the news agency, “Wayne Couzens held a position of trust in as a policeman and we are outraged and sickened that he abused that trust to lure Sarah to her death. The world is a safer place with him imprisoned. It has been almost seven months since Sarah passed away and the pain of losing her is overwhelming. We miss her all the time. We keep her safe in our hearts. “