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Sanitary pass, Brittany Ferries, national mourning in Belgium: midday update – Brittany

Covid-19: the list of places where a health pass will have to be presented on Wednesday unveiled

Posted in Official newspaper this Tuesday, a decree specifies the list of places welcoming at least 50 people in which it will be necessary to show a health pass to be able to enter from this Wednesday. This concerns, in particular, cinemas, places of worship (but only for “events not of a religious nature”), conference and performance rooms, marquees, games and dance halls, libraries, trade fairs or exhibitions of a temporary nature, as well as covered sports establishments. Also concerned by this lowering of the gauge are “cultural, sporting, fun or festive events organized in public space or in a place open to the public”. [Plus d’infos ici]

Covid-19: “Yes, the fourth wave is here”, affirms Véran

“Yes, the fourth wave is here”, confirmed Olivier Véran on RTL. The Minister of Health noted that, as in the summer of 2020, it is for the moment a “epidemic of young people”, but he fears that it will then spread to the elderly. The Delta variant is at the origin of this acceleration of contaminations: “What changes, compared to the first waves, is that the virus goes very quickly and is much more contagious”, he indicated. Olivier Véran also defended the government’s line concerning the health pass, recalling that the objective was to achieve collective immunity through mass vaccination. [Suivez notre direct]

Brittany Ferries orders two new hybrid boats for € 220m

Brittany Ferries has announced the order for two new vessels for its fleet. And this, for 220 M €. LNG-electric hybrids, these ships will be delivered in 2024 and 2025 and will provide connections from Saint-Malo and Ouistreham (Caen) to Portsmouth. [Plus d’infos ici]

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Pegasus case: investigation opened in Paris into the spying of journalists

The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into spying on French journalists whose infiltration of phones by Israeli software Pegasus on behalf of the Moroccan state, which disputes it, has been revealed by a media consortium. This investigation was opened for a list of ten offenses, including invasion of privacy, interception of correspondence, fraudulent access to a computer system and criminal association. [Plus d’infos ici]

National mourning in Belgium after the devastating floods


This Tuesday, Belgium pays a national tribute to the victims of the floods which have devastated part of the country July 14 and 15. At 12 noon, the whole country was called to observe a minute of silence.

On board his rocket, Jeff Bezos will in turn fly to space

At 3 p.m. French time, Jeff Bezos will join the astronaut club aboard the first manned flight for his company Blue Origin, marking a new milestone for the burgeoning space tourism industry. This mission will come nine days after the founder of Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, also crossed the confines of the earth’s atmosphere. But Jeff Bezos insists: “This is not a competition. The first one who was in space was Yuri Gagarin and that was a long time ago, ”he said on Monday, referring to the Soviet hero of the conquest of space in 1961. [Plus d’infos ici]

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