San Francisco fascist votes to monitor private security cameras

Fascist Democrats who run San Francisco unopposed have facilitated an increase in violent crime so they can do things like give police access to private security cameras.

As Breitbart News reported this week, Democrats are doing something similar with private security cameras in Chicago and New York after facilitating an increase in violent crime in their respective cities.

Police and private security personnel monitor security cameras at the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative on April 23, 2013 in New York City. (John Moore/Getty Images)

If you want to create a one-party police state, which all Democrats want, the fastest way to do that is to create danger. Democrats deliberately made their cities more dangerous by 1) allowing Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists to riot, burn, loot and terrorize at will, 2) encourage disrespect for police , 3) end bail, 4) defund the police, and 5) refuse to prosecute quality of life crimes such as begging, street defecation, trespassing, and shoplifting .

The result is always the same: the middle class is fleeing (leftists hate the middle class), and those who stay are demanding security. And what better way to ensure security than through mass surveillance? But mass surveillance is not about security. It’s about the government controlling you through fear and its ever-watchful eye. They will not be criminals punished by mass surveillance. They will be honest people running a yellow light, not stopping completely, violating a building code, crossing the street, parking in a no-parking zone, or lighting a smoke outside a non-stop building. smoking.

Hey, welcome to San Francisco, assholes!

In a 7-4 vote on Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors agreed to test Mayor London Breed’s controversial plan to overhaul the city’s surveillance practices, which will allow police access to cameras real-time private security.

Under the new policy, police can access 24 hours of live video of outdoor footage from private surveillance cameras owned by individuals or businesses without a warrant, provided the camera owner allows it. Police must meet one of three stated criteria to use their new power: they must respond to a life-threatening emergency, decide how to deploy officers in response to a major public event, or conduct a criminal investigation approved in writing by a captain . or a senior police officer.

It’s intentional – yes, for a terrified audience.

It’s voluntary – yes, until we’re told how effective it is. This is when it becomes less voluntary. Oh, you don’t want to give the government access to your cameras? Well, here’s a special tax because your lack of cooperation is costing the city money.

But-but-but you told me that the police are evil, the democrats!

But-but-but you told me that the police are racist, the democrats!

And now the Democrats are giving those same “mean” and “racist” cops access to private security cameras?

You do not understand ? The Orwellian contradiction – “Trust the corrupt police” – is part of the scheme. The idea is to keep people so off guard, so upset, so angry and pissed off, that they can’t think straight.

Paul Joseph Watson

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Furthermore, how else could fascist Democrats justify government access to private security cameras unless violent crime increases to desperate levels? And how can violent crime reach a hopeless level with a motivated, respected and effective police force?

In order to give the police access to private security cameras, you must first undermine the police.

Remember that these outdoor security cameras capture all kinds of things, not just what belongs to the person who owns the camera.

Honestly, how stupid are Democratic voters in San Francisco, New York and Chicago?

Oh, yeah, you really suck own the trumptards by waiving your privacy rights. Crybaby again on body autonomy.


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