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Samsung’s One UI 6.0 might not offer screen burn-in protection

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The One UI 6.0 update based on Android 14 has been released for several premium and mid-range phones over the past few weeks. It brings many new features and design changes to Samsung phones, but it also appears to have removed a critical feature that prevents devices with OLED displays from having screen burn-in issues.

One UI 6.0 may lack screen burn-in protection for status bar items

According to some users, One UI 6.0 does not have the screen burn-in protection feature. This could cause long-term image retention issues on devices using OLED displays. All modern phones with an OLED panel have a built-in feature that slightly shifts the pixels of certain UI elements so that the same image is not displayed over and over again on the same group of pixels. As you can see in the images below, the left image is of One UI 5, and the status bar and navigation bar items have drifted slightly to avoid screen burn-in. The screenshot on the right is of a phone running One UI 6 and its navigation bar items have changed, but the status bar items have not.

What is screen burn-in on OLED displays?

For example, when the status bar and navigation bar items (battery icon, clock, home button, back button, and multitasking button) do not change positions on an OLED display, it may cause screen burn-in. If you don’t know what screen burn-in is, it is a flaw of almost all OLED panels where displaying the same images/UI elements for long periods of time degrades the organic matter inside the pixels, resulting in reduced brightness. This causes image retention, patches, and other issues.

Pixel shifting is a common prevention method to avoid screen burn-in on OLED displays, and Samsung has been using it since the launch of the Galaxy S3. However, this feature seems to be missing on phones running One UI 6.0. To be more specific, the pixel shift seems to be missing for the status bar. This was revealed by Reddit user dragosslash (via Android Authority), and since then more Reddit users have confirmed this to be the case. To be clear, phones running One UI 5 still have the screen burn-in protection feature.

We hope Samsung fixes this bug and releases an update for all phones running One UI 6.

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