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Sam Darnold ready to get down to business for the Carolina Panthers after leaving the New York Jets |  NFL News

Sam Darnold “excited” by the prospect of starting over with the Carolina Panthers; the quarterback spent three seasons with the New York Jets after being the No.3 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft; injury and illness, coaching changes and offensive issues ended his time with the franchise

Last updated: 12/04/21 7:01 pm

Quarterback Sam Darnold is ready to start over after joining the Carolina Panthers

Quarterback Sam Darnold says there is a mixture of “relief and excitement” after arriving in Charlotte ready to get down to business for the Carolina Panthers.

Darnold’s tenure with the New York Jets lasted only three seasons following injuries and illnesses, coaching changes and incompetence with the offense.

The Jets are No. 2 in the upcoming NFL Draft and are expected to select former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson, leaving 23-year-old Darnold to start over.

“It’s a bit of both – relief and excitement,” Darnold said.

“There has been so much uncertainty this offseason, not knowing what your future would look like, it was difficult.

“But now that I’m in Charlotte I’m excited, and yes, I guess I’m a little relieved to be here.”

Darnold will get to work with a Panthers offense led by coach Matt Rhule and coordinator Joe Brady and hosted by All-Pro Christian McCaffrey.

“The culture that takes place here is amazing,” said Darnold. “This is probably the part that intrigues me the most about it.”

“Going from unwanted to desire is enormous.

“Getting this news that you’re going to be traded, from a team saying, ‘Hey, we didn’t want you’, for whatever reason, is tough.

“But right now I’m feeling good about it, and I can’t wait to get here and get started.”

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