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Salah Abdeslam does not deny anything about the trial of the attacks – RT in French

Asked to speak on a video of the shooting in front of a bar where 21 people were killed on November 13, 2015, Salah Abdeslam explained that “in the context, [il] cannot condemn it ”.

On the ninth day of the trial for the November 13, 2015 attacks, the only surviving member of the commandos, Salah Abdeslam, told the court that “November 13 was inevitable.”

This third week of hearing opened with the findings of the attack on the bar La Belle Equipe, located in the 11th arrondissement, where 21 people were killed out of the 130 victims in total. Video of the shooting was shown during the trial. “This video, if we take it out of context, I’m the first to disavow it. But if you put it in context, I cannot condemn it, ”said Salah Abdeslam.

“These terrorists are my brothers,” he also said. His older brother, Brahim Abdeslam, took part in the series of shootings in front of establishments in the 10th and 11th arrondissements, before killing himself in the Comptoir Voltaire brewery by activating his explosive belt.

We have nothing personal against these people

On the day of the opening of the trial, September 8, Salah Abdeslam also claimed to have “abandoned any profession to become a fighter of the[organisation terroriste] Islamic State ”. On September 15, the 32-year-old man had coldly justified his participation in the attacks: “We fought against France, we attacked France, we targeted the population, civilians, but in reality we have nothing of the sort. personnel against these people, we targeted France and nothing else, ”he explained, criticizing the“ French planes which bombed the Islamic State, men, women, children ”.

This extraordinary trial, which is being held in a room specifically built for the event, should last nearly nine months. As of September 16, a total of 2,232 people have become civil parties in this “trial of the century”, while other constitutions should still be examined on October 4, in particular the requests of the communes of Paris and Saint-Denis, Bataclan and the bar La Bellequipe, which the public prosecutor is opposed to. The constitution of civil parties is possible until requisitions.

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