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Saint-Brieuc: at Le Légué, his extraordinary sailboat takes ten people on board for polar expeditions [Vidéo] – Saint Brieuc

Impossible to miss it. Since summer 2020, Marama, a 31 m sailboat, anchored in the port of Légué, in Saint-Brieuc. A “unique boat” that Olivier Lehec, its owner, is preparing for polar expeditions.

He crossed the Marama route in 2009 in Saint-Tropez. “I fell in love with it. But without ever believing that I could buy it one day ”. However, ten years later, Olivier Lehec acquired it. “I met his owner in Antigua, in the Caribbean. The current went through, he was sensitive to what I was doing ”.

The “ice virus”

The sailboat, in aluminum, suits him perfectly. “It is large, with volume to be able, if necessary, to transport equipment, technical teams”, boasts the former engineer from Orange. “It’s a heavy, rustic boat that can carry ten customers and five crew members. It is really ideal for expeditions ”. With Marama, it will embark its passengers bound for the Canaries, Cape Verde, Brazil, Patagonia or even to experience the Northwest Passage. Without forgetting Antarctica, Greenland and Alaska.

Polar landscapes that Briochin knows well for having caught “the ice virus” when it first discovered Antarctica, in 2008. “I discovered another planet, another atmosphere, with crazy landscapes”.

A unique adventure

A passion that he shares with many of his clients who, very often, make the dream of a lifetime come true. Whether it’s skiing in Antarctica or diving in polar waters. The opportunity also, for them, to be real actors of the crossing. “We are not cruising on an ocean liner. We carry passengers who will live like the rest of the crew ”.

When you arrive in Rio, in the bay, it’s magnificent.

Each trip is like a unique adventure. “What’s great is that you never know what’s going to happen the next day.” On board, passengers take the time to discover themselves. “We discuss, we cook, we read. Often, we also do nothing ”. During the crossing, bonds are created. “Customers who have become friends, I have plenty”.

Departure in spring

After years of expeditions, Olivier Lehec never tires of seeing people’s wonder. “Every evening, at anchor, they discover new landscapes and animals”. The Briochin also defends a different vision of travel while recognizing that this comes at a cost – € 12,500 to go to Antarctica.

“It’s not at all the same notions of time as when you go on a plane. By boat, the arrival is not immediate, you discover little by little ”. With moments that still hold him so much. “When you arrive in Rio, in the bay, it’s magnificent”. His eyes sparkle. ” I can not wait to leave “. It still has to complete the work. Marama is due to return to sea at the end of April.

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