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Sail.  Plastimo Lorient Mini: unchallenged victory for Pierre Leroy and Cédric Faron – Sailing

It was his first race aboard his 1019 “Réseau Étincelle” and Pierre Leroy, who had embarked his trainer and friend Cédric Faron, did not give details. “It’s a story that we thought of in pairs, built in pairs and which continues with a victory for two: it’s great! », Said Pierre Leroy after his arrival. Leading from start to finish on these 250 miles which led the Mini on a loop from Lorient to Lorient via the Breton point and the Ile d’Yeu, the duo did wonders on this plan David Raison to the end round. Bodes well for the rest of the season. And above all the Mini Transat which is the highlight of the Nordiste program. It was 6:38:05 a.m. when the two men were able to raise their arms to the sky. The runners-up, Nolwenn Pebelier and Nicolas d’Estais arrived in Lorient a little over 2 hours and 14 minutes later.

The duo Dhallenne – Vauchel-Camus wins in the Series

The first Series boat, skippered by Hugo Dhallenne and Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, crossed the finish line just after 9 a.m. They were only a few lengths ahead (barely 2 minutes) the duo Paul Cloarec – Benoit Hantzperg and 5 minutes Claire Montecot and Guillaume Quilfen.


Proto: 1. Pierre Leroy – Cédric Faron (Réseau Étincelle) arrived at 6 h 38’05 ” after 1 day 13 h 39’25 ”; 2. Nolwen Pebelier – Nicolas d’Estais (Decosail) at 2 h 13’59 ” from the first; 3. François Champion – Paul Marette (Porsche) at 3 h 20’49 ”.

Series: 1. Hugo Dhallenne – Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Yacht Club Saint-Lunaire – Arsep) in 1 day 16 h 6’10 ”; 2. Paul Cloarec – Benoit Hantzperg (Fond Apro) at 1’59 ”; 3. Claire Montecot – Guillaume Quilfen (Clair’Ocean Sailing) at 5’27 ”.

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