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Sail.  Francis Le Goff: “15 duets can win in Saint-Barth!  ” – Sail

It took energy for her to leave this double-handed transatlantic …

Oh yes, and that’s very good for the entire industry, but if we go back a year, or even a few months, we say to ourselves that we are still very lucky. Everyone has worked well, everyone has well understood the interests around ocean racing: there are, of course, the economic aspects but it is also a Figaro Bénéteau 3 training course. ” train in the Poles and training centers because it was open for high-level athletes. The two pre-season events took place with a very good Sardinha Cup. We had a little concern about knowing in what state of form the skippers were: there, they are ready, they have sailed, have been able to train and, in the end, we have a field that has nothing to envy to previous editions. so that’s perfect.

How is the health crisis disrupting such a race?

Because runners must isolate themselves a week before, carry out a PCR test 72 hours before the start, and repeat another test on the day of the start. This required rewriting a few paragraphs of the notice of race and the sailing instructions so that everyone can have a replacement skipper that they must all declare before Wednesday evening May 5 and that I can verify that this replacement has everything that they need. you need to leave, like your World Sailing internship, your medical file, etc.

How does it work if a crew is forced to stop in a port, in Spain or Portugal for example?

There is no problem for assistance and being able to reach a shelter. Then, it is another matter according to the sanitary rules in force in the other countries: will they have the possibility of going to seek material on ground to repair? This further complicates a stopover which is already complicated. After that, you can get tested on Sunday morning and it is not impossible that the symptoms of covid are triggered at sea. The worry is more at that level. When they have passed the longitude of La Palma in the Canaries, after a week of racing, we will be quieter. They are all great fellows and there is no reason for them to declare a complicated form of covid but it will stick in people’s minds upon boarding.

This is the first crossing of the Atlantic for the Figaro 3 which has experienced some technical problems, with the foil wells in particular, the first year: do you have any concerns related to the boat?

No, I have no worries. There, we are attacking the third season of the Figaro 3. It was pushed during the races, in particular on the Sardinha 2021 where there was air. There was not the slightest breakage on the nearly 800-mile stage. On the double-handed Transat, it will be 18 days of racing but, in the trade winds, it will be less complicated and less demanding on the boat. Above all, improvements were made following the incidents: buoyancy with foam at the front and manual airbags at the rear were added following a shipwreck (editor’s note: Corentin Douguet’s Figaro 3 in front of the Aber-Wrac’h in North Finistère). All of this keeps the boat afloat. Regarding the masts, since the problems of the Sardinha Cup in 2019, we have not heard of any problem. The foil hatches of the first Solitaire du Figaro, in 2019, which worried us, have been revised. It can still ooze and it remains a point of vigilance. Finally, all the rudders have been changed with undeniable quality, the finish is impeccable.

Of the 18 duos entered, can you give us a few favorites?

This year, I am not playing the game of predictions, there are 15 who can win. With the Figaro 3, it will go all over the place, it will cross everywhere. In addition, they do not all have the same sail configurations, not all the same style of sailing. There are chances that we will have lateral between several boats. Unable to name a favorite.

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