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Russian soldier killed and three others injured in the explosion of their armored vehicle – RT in english

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the death of a Russian serviceman on June 9 in northeastern Syria. Three other soldiers were injured, but their lives are not in danger. Their armored vehicle was blown up by an explosive device.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on June 10 that a Russian soldier had been killed and three others wounded the day before in the explosion of their armored vehicle in the Hasake region in northeastern Syria.

The ministry’s statement relayed by the Russian news agency Tass describes the situation in these terms: “On June 9, during the inspection of the patrol route of the Russian military police in the province of Hasake, in the Republic of Syrian Arab, an armored vehicle was blown up by an unidentified explosive device. In the explosion, a Russian serviceman succumbed to his injuries. Three Russian soldiers who were with him in the vehicle were taken to a medical facility, where they received the necessary medical assistance. “

The text further specifies that the life of injured soldiers is not in danger. The Russian Defense Ministry will provide the family of the deceased soldier with “all the necessary assistance and support”, it is further written.

On August 18, a Russian general was killed and two other soldiers were injured when an explosive device detonated as a Russian military convoy passed near Deir ez-Zor. A month earlier, on July 14, the explosion of a bomb placed on a road in Idleb province had injured several soldiers of a Russian-Turkish patrol in Syria.

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