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Russian Orthodox Church says not seeking abortion ban but opposes reimbursement – RT in english

The Russian Orthodox Church does not insist on a total ban on abortion, its official position being “more flexible”, according to a new statement, but abortion should not be covered by health insurance, says -she.

Vladimir Legoïda, chairman of the Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Media of the Moscow Patriarchate, said in an interview with Russian-speaking RTVI based in New York that the Russian Orthodox Church does not was not totally opposed to the practice of abortion. “We are adopting a more flexible and flexible position on the matter: we demand that [l’avortement] be withdrawn from the compulsory health insurance fund, ”he said. The Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund is a public taxpayer-funded program that guarantees free medical care for various illnesses.

Legoïda had previously mentioned the right of doctors to refuse to perform an abortion for religious reasons. “The Church has repeatedly said that doctors who, because of their religious beliefs or internal convictions, do not want to perform abortion, should be able to refuse it,” Legoida wrote on Telegram in November.

Thus he supported the proposal of Oleg Apolikhine, specialist of the Ministry of Health for reproductive diseases, who last November had suggested creating “abortion centers” that would be used exclusively for terminations of pregnancy. According to Apolikhine, termination of pregnancy has become fashionable and his project could turn it into a “socially negative phenomenon”. This idea was rejected by the ministry which did not agree with the two proposals. However, the project received support from the Russian Orthodox Church.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, has previously called abortion a sinful practice, saying that terminating a pregnancy because of an anomaly discovered is also “criminal”. Abortion, he said, shouldn’t be a simple option because an embryo “might not turn out to be a good football player, or a good lawyer, or a very strong and healthy person.”

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