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Russian oil depot attacked by Ukrainian drones

Russia launched a combined drone and missile attack against Ukraine on Sunday morning, mainly targeting southern parts of the Odessa region and hitting an agricultural facility, the Ukrainian Air Force said.

Russia launched six Shahed drones and 10 Iranian-made cruise missiles, while Ukrainian forces destroyed six drones and six missiles before they reached their target.

The situation in Odessa and its ports has been closely monitored by grain markets, with Kiev saying on Saturday that two cargo ships had arrived there to use a temporary corridor to sail to Black Sea ports and load grain for African markets and Asians.

“Fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft missile units, mobile fire groups and other attack assets were involved in repelling the air attack,” the Air Force said.

Odessa Governor Oleh Kiper said on Telegram that a grain silo and agricultural fields were damaged in the Berezivskiy district in the east of the region.

“Luckily there were no casualties,” Kiper said.


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