Russian High Priest Explains Why Sex Before Marriage Destroys Society (Father Dmitry Smirnov)

Russian High Priest Explains Why Sex Before Marriage Destroys Society (Father Dmitry Smirnov)

This article is republished from a new site about Christian revival in Russia, called Russian Faith. Their presentation video can be found at the end of this article.

Dmitry Smirnov is a very popular Russian priest, a dedicated activist in the Russian fight against abortion. He is an influential proponent of large families, homeschooling and, quite simply, traditional family values. He has a huge media presence, regularly appears on television and has millions of subscribers and fans in Russia and other countries.

He is loved by many for his adamant refusal to sugarcoat anything. Here he answers a question he says he hears too often from women who have failed to create families.

The Hard Truth About Women (Popular Priest Dmitry Smirnov)

Some ladies come to me saying “I’m not married, what should I do?”

I will answer the question why you are still not married. Because now men have become smarter than women.

The world chess champion can only evolve to the level of professional sportswoman.

Although even when she achieved this, she was given the title of Grandmaster, but this is just out of respect.

Woman can’t remove heavy weights like men, it’s unfortunate, but she just can’t. So a man is intelligent and he understands that there is no point in getting married.

One whistle – and twenty women will be there, please choose one! Five years together, and oh, well, she started complaining, and he just finds another one.

Women have become so easy to find that they are now cheaper than prostitutes.

Because any woman asks for something for herself, while the prostitute does not – She is just given 100 USD and everything is fine, no strings attached.

But if women begin to fulfill the 7th commandment, all these problems will disappear.

“Oh, so you love me?” Great, please show me the passport. Oh, so you’re married? Well, Auf wiedesehen”.

In this case, there will be no family betrayals and love triangles. Men will just line up, like they do in China. In China there are 100 million more men than women so a Chinese man is ready to marry any woman, seriously! And he feels honored.

Same here. If our women go back to the days before World War II, when Hitler ordered that medical investigations be carried out on single Russian women. They discovered that they were all virgins. He was then told that a people like that could never be defeated.

Now you can hardly find a virgin even in the 5th grade of school.

This is why we must raise our children in chastity, and everything that corrupts must be banished from our lives. Then men will become knights again, true gentlemen, they will die for women, they will become romantics again, they will be ready to give blood to conquer women.

If women race to see who jumps into a man’s bed first, then of course why should I get married? She’s already mine! Am I stupid? This is why in the 6th century even the ancient Fathers said: “If a woman loses her shame, no one will be saved”.

We have to go back to the norm. And the norm for a single woman is to be a virgin. If the norm returns, everything will be different. We won’t have 40 million single women, trying to juggle home and work, suffering, while the man is too cheap to even give him a thousand rubles for child support.

We are the only country in the world where 80% of men do not pay child support at all. 80%!!!

Why? Because they are smart and shameless. They have no conscience. Why? They were raised by their mothers. Why did they raise them like this? Well, he was the only child. And since he is an only child, he is naturally selfish. He totally adored his mother, grandmother, etc.

But if his mother had had 8 children, he would not have been selfish. From the age of 5, he is said to have helped raise the younger siblings and taught them everything he had learned up to that point.

That is why of our small families there are so many problems. What kind? Universals. So if we don’t solve this problem, we will disappear from the face of the earth. We therefore find ourselves not in a demographic “problem” but in a demographic catastrophe. It is very serious.

Anyone who would like to discuss this with me, I am at your service.

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