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Russia, through the spokesperson for its diplomacy Maria Zakharova, denounced the strikes carried out by the United States in Syria on February 25, which according to the latter targeted pro-Iran militias.

“We strongly condemn these actions and call for unconditional respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on February 26, the day after. strikes carried out by the United States in Syria. He added: “We reaffirm our rejection of any attempt to make Syrian territory an arena for settling geopolitical scores”.

Syrian public television for its part denounced an “American aggression”, confirming that “air raids [avaient] targeted areas on the Syrian-Iraqi border ”.

The United States struck infrastructure on February 25 that is believed to be used by pro-Iran militias in northeastern Syria – the first military operation of the Joe Biden administration.

Describing this military operation as “defensive”, the spokesman of the United States Department of Defense John Kirby specified that strikes had destroyed “multiple infrastructures located at a border post used by militias supported by Iran, in particular the Kataeb Hezbollah ”. “The strikes were authorized in response to recent attacks against US and Coalition personnel in Iraq, and ongoing threats against such personnel,” he said.

As President Joe Biden awaits a gesture from Tehran before reinstating the Iran nuclear deal, from which Washington withdrew in 2018 under the administration of Donald Trump, three attacks have been blamed by the American authorities on pro-Iranian armed groups in recent days.

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