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Russian and Syrian forces open humanitarian corridors near Idleb – RT in english

On February 22, the Russian and Syrian armed forces opened humanitarian corridors in Sarmin so that civilians could leave the territories controlled by Islamist fighters. A clinic has also been installed.

The Syrian armed forces on February 22 opened humanitarian corridors in Sarmin, east of Idleb, so that civilians can leave the territories still under the control of Islamist fighters. The operation was carried out in cooperation with the Red Crescent and the Russian armed forces.

“These checkpoints have been prepared to be opened with the assistance of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Belligerents due to the growing number of complaints from the population of areas beyond Damascus’s control regarding the lack of qualified medical assistance and the emergency socio-economic situation created by the stifling American sanctions, ”announced the Russian Ministry of Defense in a press release.

Syria still at the heart of international concerns

Idleb Governor Mohammad Natouf said medical staff had been mobilized and a mobile clinic had been set up to help evacuated civilians.

If the Syrian troops have taken over a large part of the national territory, the situation on the ground remains precarious, some pockets continuing to be under the control of terrorist groups.

Syria is also still at the heart of international concerns, as evidenced by the 15th international meeting within the framework of the Astana format which took place on February 16 and 17, 2021 in Sochi. Despite the absence of the United States, which declined the Russian invitation, the Syrian government was represented as well as the opposition, the UN (United Nations Organization), Russia, Iran and Turkey, in order to try to relaunch the peace process. Ten years after the start of the conflict, talks are still ongoing with the main actors involved in the region.

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