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Russia responds to transgender Ukrainian official’s death threats against journalists — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said Sarah Ashton-Cirillo’s remarks revealed the true nature of the kyiv regime

Threats against Russian journalists by a transgender American appointed as Ukraine’s military spokesperson will be presented to international organizations as an example of the terrorist nature of the Kiev regime, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

On Wednesday, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo threatened to kill a Russian man. “propagandists” and claimed that “Next week, the teeth of Russia’s demons will gnash even louder, and their enraged mouths will foam in an uncontrollable frenzy as the world watches a favorite Kremlin propagandist pay for his crimes. »

“Russian war criminal propagandists will all be hunted down and justice will be served as we in Ukraine are led in this mission by faith in God, freedom and complete liberation. » » promised the transgender military spokesperson.

“A zombie apocalypse” Zakharova wrote in response to the threat. “We will send this additional evidence of the terrorist nature of the kyiv regime and its sponsorship by Washington to all international organizations and NGOs. » she says.

The first deputy of the cultural committee of the Russian State Duma, Elena Drapenko, said that Ashton-Cirillo’s remarks fit into the logic of “terrorists and fascists” in kyiv and supported Zakharova’s suggestion that the threat should be taken to international institutions.

“There are international conventions, there are obligations that Ukraine has assumed. We must demand that they be respected. » » said Drapenko.

The head of the Russian Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeev, also said he would contact the Investigative Committee and the Federal Security Service (FSB) to investigate the threats, in light of the “sad experience” previous assassination attempts against Russian journalists and opinion leaders.

The chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, confirmed that he had already instructed his department to investigate and provide a legal assessment of Ashton-Cirillo’s statements.

Separately, the Union of Russian Journalists (SJR) warned that Ashton-Cirillo’s threats could be very real in light of previous terrorist attacks against Russian media representatives.

“It is probably useless to talk about the moral qualities of the representatives of the kyiv leadership. These threats must be taken seriously. said SJR President Vladimir Soloviev, calling on his fellow journalists to be cautious.

He added that he hoped Ashton-Cirillo would be punished appropriately as soon as they fell into the hands of Russian law enforcement.

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Alexei Zhuravlev also noted that “Ukrainian terrorism is gradually deteriorating” and assume a “increasingly ugly face” in the form of Ashton-Cirillo, whom he described as “pervert-satan.”


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