Russia reports reopening of Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline

The Russian giant Gazprom announced on Friday that it had detected an oil leak during maintenance operations on the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline which supplies Europe and which was to resume service on Saturday. Here is the thread for September 2.

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  • 10:37 p.m .: Oil leaks do not justify a shutdown of the gas pipeline by Gazprom, according to Siemens

Turbine maker Siemens Energy said on Friday that an oil leak does not technically justify the shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, decided earlier by Russian gas giant Gazprom after the discovery such leaks in a turbine.

“As a turbine manufacturer, we can affirm that such a finding does not constitute a technical reason to stop operations,” Siemens Energy said in a statement, noting that in the past the occurrence of “this type of leak did not lead to the cessation of operations”.

  • 9:13 p.m .: Rafael Grossi intends to submit his report on Zaporijjia at the start of the week

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, announced that six members of the UN agency had remained at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and that he was reporting on his inspection mission in beginning of the week, while kyiv denounced Russian “interference”.

Practicing during a press conference on his return to Vienna, Austria, Rafael Grossi says the IAEA delegation had access to everything it asked for during its 24-hour inspection at the southern power plant -eastern Ukraine occupied by the Russian army.

  • 6:40 p.m .: Nord Stream stopped “completely” until the repair of a turbine, announces Gazprom

The Russian giant Gazprom announced that the Nord Stream gas pipeline, vital for deliveries in Europe, will be “completely” stopped until the repair of a turbine, while it will have to resume service on Saturday after an operation of maintenance.

In a statement, Gazprom said it discovered “oil leaks” in the turbine during this maintenance operation. “Until the repair, (…) the transport of gas via Nord Stream is completely suspended”, indicated the group.

  • 5:58 p.m .: Ukraine says it has struck the city where the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is located

Ukraine said it struck a Russian base in Energodar, the city where the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant is located, occupied by Russian troops, the day after a visit by a mission from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“In the localities of Kherson and Energodar, precise strikes by our troops destroyed three enemy artillery systems, as well as an ammunition depot,” the Ukrainian army said in its evening report.

  • 3:04 p.m .: G7 to “urgently” implement Russian oil price cap

The G7 will “urgently” implement a Russian oil price cap and encourage a “broad coalition” of countries to participate, in a statement released on Friday.

“The price cap will be set at a level based on a series of technical data and will be decided by the entire coalition before its implementation”, write the seven countries in the statement, ensuring that future prices will be “communicated publicly in a clear and transparent manner”.

  • 2:50 p.m .: the operation of Nord Stream “threatened” by the sanctions

The Kremlin has claimed that the operation of the Nord Stream pipeline, which supplies Europe with gas, was “threatened” by a shortage of spare parts due to sanctions aimed at Moscow for its offensive in Ukraine.

This warning is likely to further increase uncertainty about the future of gas deliveries by this gas pipeline which is currently shut down for maintenance scheduled to end on Saturday.

  • 2:23 p.m .: Moscow threatens to cut energy exports if prices cap

Russian authorities have threatened to halt energy exports if Westerners impose price caps on gas and oil extracted in Russia.

Such a cap was intended to dry up trade revenue financing Moscow’s war in Ukraine without causing a supply shock that could drive up prices.

The finance ministers of the G7 (Germany, Canada, United States, France, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom) met this Friday by videoconference to clarify their intentions for the establishment of a cap on the price of oil Russia and according to a European official, “an agreement is likely”.

  • 12:37 p.m .: the Kremlin considers “very positive” that the IAEA was able to visit the Zaporijjia power plant

It is “very positive” that IAEA experts were able to inspect the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine on Thursday, even if it is “too early” to assess its conclusions, the Kremlin ruled on Friday.

“Overall, we find it very positive that the delegation has arrived and has started to work despite the difficulties and problems,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

“It is too early to make an assessment […]. The team is still there, so it’s still too early, but the most important thing is that the mission is there,” he added.

  • 12:19 p.m .: Russian gas deliveries via the Nord Stream gas pipeline will resume on Saturday

Russia appears ready to resume gas deliveries to Europe via the Nord Stream pipeline on Saturday, after a short maintenance, according to data released by the pipeline operator on Friday.

The reopening of the valves would be a relief for EU countries, but not allay their fears that further interruptions will occur this winter on this key Russian-dependent gas pipeline in northern Germany.

The dispatch orders, published by the site of the company Nord Stream, operator of the gas pipeline, indicate that the flow should be put back from 2 am (0000 GMT), at 20% of the normal capacity, i.e. the same level as before the maintenance work.

This work started on Wednesday and reduced transit to zero. Announcements on expected volumes can still be estimated and must be realized by actual flows.

  • 11:33 a.m .: kyiv denounces Russian interference in the IAEA mission in Zaporizhia

The IAEA delegation, which arrived at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant on Thursday, will find it difficult to make an objective assessment of the situation due to the interference of the Russian forces which have controlled the site since the beginning of March, the public energy company revealed on Friday. Ukrainian Energoatom.

“The Russians did not allow the mission’s inspectors to enter the crisis center [de la centrale]where the Russian soldiers are currently stationed that IAEA agents are not supposed to see,” the Energoatom group said in a statement posted on Telegram.

“The occupants [russes] lie and distort the facts, whether it is the evidence that attests to their bombings of the plant or their consequences on the infrastructures [de la centrale]“, can we read in this press release.

“It is obvious that under such conditions, it will be difficult for the IAEA to make an objective assessment of the situation.”

  • 11:22 a.m.: Two IAEA inspectors remain permanently on the site of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Russia’s ambassador to the IAEA, based in Vienna, Austria, told Russian news agency RIA Novosti on Friday that two inspectors from the agency would remain permanently at the site of the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant, at the end of the current mission.

  • 8:47 am: the French group Air Liquide leaves Russia

Air Liquide announced Friday its intention to leave Russia by transferring its activities there to the local management team given the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

The French group indicates in a press release that its activities in Russia will no longer be consolidated in its accounts, from 1uh September.

He adds that his plan to leave Russia is subject to the approval of the Russian authorities.

  • 1:07 a.m .: Volodymyr Zelensky criticizes the IAEA for covering up the question of the “demilitarization” of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

In his daily evening message, the Ukrainian Head of State demonstrated that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should have gone further and insisted on the need, according to him, to “demilitarize” the site of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant occupied by the Russians.

“The main chose that should occur is the demilitarization of the territory of the central […] And it is regrettable that we have not yet heard the appropriate messages from the IAEA,” said Volodymyr Zelensky.

And this “although we talked about it with Rafael Grossi [à la tête de la mission d’experts de l’AIEA] during our meeting [mardi] in Kyiv. It was the key. The key ! The security point of our agreements: demilitarization and total control by our nuclear workers [de ce complexe]“, he hammered.

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Russia reports reopening of Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline


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