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Russell Wilson trade rumors: Seahawks passer award starts at three first-round picks, compared

The Seahawks have set a hefty price tag for their franchise passer.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are apparently still a long way from a breakup, but according to’s Michael Silver, a price has been placed on Wilson’s services – although trade negotiations are not currently underway.

By money, up to a third of NFL teams have looked to see what a trade might look like, and any deal begins with a minimum of three first-round picks. This is roughly the going rate for a franchise courier.

MORE: Wilson’s camp ‘frustrated’ with Seahawks

The Wilson-Seattle offseason drama began right after offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was sacked, a move Russell disagreed with. Wilson spoke to the media to say he was disappointed with the layoff and later said he wanted a “seat at the table” when it came to staff decisions.

Reports would also indicate that Wilson’s camp is unhappy with Seattle’s inability to build an offensive line to protect him, as he’s one of the league’s most sacked quarterbacks since joining in 2012. The Seahawks, at in turn, are unhappy with the way Wilson has released dirty laundry over the past two months.

Former Seahawks wide receiver Brandon Marshall recently said Wilson’s disappointment with the team was legitimate, adding that he “knew” the team didn’t believe in him, fueling more speculation that a divorce could be imminent.

Wilson, 32, is signed for three more years, and while he’s unlikely to be moved until the start of the 2021 season, the smoke has yet to subside.

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