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Russell Brand ‘postpones’ tour amid Met Police investigation

Good evening. The Metropolitan Police are investigating a sexual assault allegation concerning Russell Brand. Additionally, Liz Truss urged the Prime Minister to delay or abandon key net zero emissions pledges.

Russell Brand says it’s ‘very serious and concerning’, says Number 10

Scotland Yard has confirmed it received a report of an alleged attack on a woman in Soho in 2003 and detectives said they were in contact with the woman. Earlier, Rishi Sunak’s official spokesperson said Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer should speak to broadcasters as soon as possible to get assurances that Brand’s claims about several women would be properly investigated. in-depth. This came as Brand’s father, Ron Brand, accused the BBC of pursuing a “vendetta” against his son. Read our live blog for the latest news. Elsewhere, actor Simon Evans thinks Brand was never funny. Read his comment in full.

Liz Truss questions whether net zero emissions campaign has public support

Liz Truss questioned whether the government’s net zero emissions campaign had public support. Speaking at the Institute for Government think tank, the former prime minister said the drive to reach net zero emissions by 2050 had been “institutionalized before we actually had democratic consent”. Ms Truss also urged Rishi Sunak to delay or abandon some of the Government’s key net zero emissions measures, while warning against imposing additional costs on families. Read our live blog for the latest news.

£1m inheritance tax threshold could win us election, say Tory MPs

Raising the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million could allow the Conservatives to win next year’s general election – just as they did in 2010 – according to MPs. Anthony Browne, who chairs the backbench Treasury Committee, recalls the ‘great political debate’ over inheritance tax which took place in 2009. The South Cambridgeshire MP said he suggested to the shadow chancellor then George Osborne to increase the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million. a vote winner and he now says the political narrative could benefit from a similar shift. Ruby Hinchcliffe has the complete story.

Evening briefing: the essential headlines of the day

Boris Johnson | A new documentary claims officials raised concerns at Buckingham Palace about the ex-Prime Minister’s “behavior during the pandemic”, in the hope that Elizabeth II would address his conduct.

Pictured: Princess of Wales surprised by inflating her life jacket during visit to Royal Navy air base


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