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Rush Limbaugh’s Last “Real Thanksgiving Story”

The late Rush Limbaugh told “The True Thanksgiving Story” to his millions of listeners every year. This is the first year that the country has done without the annual tradition, but countless Americans across the country continue to carry on the tradition.

The iconic conservative radio host delivered his last Thanksgiving rendition on November 24, 2020 – about three months before his untimely death after battling advanced lung cancer.

During the program, Limbaugh expressed his joy that “The True Story of Thanksgiving” is spreading across the country.

“The real story of Thanksgiving, which dates back to the very early days of the pilgrims arriving at Plymouth Rock, is that socialism has failed,” he said, detailing the harsh conditions that the Pilgrims faced when they landed in the New World, as detailed by William Bradford in his diary.

Limbaugh continued, hitting the crux of “The True Thanksgiving Story”.

According to his transcription:

In that first winter – remember, they arrive in November – in that first winter, half of them, including William Bradford’s own wife, died of starvation, disease, exposure to the elements. Now we are getting closer to what you were taught in school. When spring has finally arrived – and, by the way, writing that doesn’t do it justice. Spring has not only finally arrived. It was survival. It was an act of survival that you and I cannot comprehend or comprehend.

US special forces can. The trained soldiers can understand what pilgrims were – you and I cannot. We have never done anything like this first winter in the New World. They survived it. Spring finally arrived. They met the Indians, the Native Americans who were there, who helped them plant corn and fish for cod. They showed them where the beavers were so they could be skinned for coats, other things. You animal rights activists aren’t going to like part of this story, but it happened.

But even at that, even with this degree of assistance from Indians, Native Americans, there was still no prosperity. They had the Mayflower Compact. They had these laws that they lived by, and there was no prosperity. And I wonder why. Now, that’s important to understand here, folks, because that’s where the lessons of modern American history end, with Indians teaching pilgrims how to eat, how to fish, how to skin beavers, and all that. .

This is where it ends. And that’s the story of wellness. But that doesn’t even come close to the real story. You know, Thanksgiving is actually explained in some textbooks as a holiday that the pilgrims thanked the Indians for saving their lives. It was not this. It happened, but Thanksgiving was a pious expression of gratitude, the pilgrims, to God for their survival, and all that was part of it.

Now here is the part that was left out. The original contract the pilgrims made in Holland – they had sponsors. They didn’t have the money to make this trip on their own. They had sponsors. There were sponsor merchants in London and Holland. And these sponsoring merchants demanded that whatever pilgrims produced in the New World go to one common store, one bank, if you will. And that each member of the Pilgrim community was entitled to a share.

So everyone had an equal share of everything in that bank. All the land they cleared, all the houses they built belonged to this bank, to the community as well. And they were going to give it out also, because they were going to be righteous. So all the land they cleared and all the houses they built belonged to everyone. Belonged to the community. Belonged to the bank, belonged to the common store. No one owned anything. They just had an equal share of it. It was a commune.

The Pilgrims essentially founded a commune. Precursor of the towns we saw in the 60s and 70s in California. By the way, they even had their own organic vegetables. Yeah. The Pilgrims, pioneers of organic vegetables. Of course, what else could there be? Nothing like processed anything back then.

Now William Bradford, who had become governor of the colony because he was the chief, recognized that this was not going to work. It was expensive and destructive, and it just didn’t work. It was collectivism. It was socialism. It didn’t work. This first winner took a lot of lives. The numbers were greatly reduced. William Bradford has therefore decided to take bold steps, which I will describe when we return.

… Bradford decided to clean it up. He threw it away and took some bold action. He allotted land to each family. Each family received a piece of land. They could work it, manage it however they wanted. If they just wanted to sit on it, get fat, stupid, happy, and lazy, they could. If they wanted to develop it, if they wanted to grow corn, whatever, they could. If they wanted to lean on it, they could. If they wanted to make it a quasi-business, they could do whatever they wanted with it.

He let go of the power of the capitalist market. Long before Karl Marx was even born. Long before Karl Marx was a sperm in his father’s dreams, Pilgrims had discovered and experienced what could only be described as socialism, and they found it didn’t work. Now it wasn’t called that at the time. But that’s exactly what it was. Everyone received an equal share. Do you know what happened? Nobody did anything. There was no incentive. Nothing worked. Nothing happened.

Ultimately, Limbaugh continued, the Pilgrims introduced capitalism, opening the door to individual incentives, which turned out to be a game-changer for the settlers.

“And all it took was prosperity and the rumor spreading across the Atlantic Ocean of how there was prosperity and it was there for the taking. All you had to do was get there and give it a go, ”Limbaugh said.

“The lesson is – The real Thanksgiving story is – that William Bradford and his Pilgrim community thanked God for the blessings on their community after the first miserable winter of documented failure brought about by their attempt at fairness and equality, which was socialism, “he added.


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